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November 9, 2016
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December 16, 1998
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October 2, 1946
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Document No. NO CHANGE ti c, ro Fo vase 1999/09/0 DEC%:SSIFIZD X 25X1 "' r~~ Class. C DD Date: CIA-RDP82-00457R0001456b TRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT COUNTRY Germany ~` INFO. .rye"-L- p, n SUBJECT Russian Press and Radio Can Berlin ORIGIN DATE: &MM DIST. December 1946 PAGES 3 SUPPLEMENT 1. In the 1 October issue of Neue Zett lie censor out and changed many passages in t 45-s-f-0-r-y7of Jakob Kaiser's speech at the 3taatso er In Berlin 29 September. The :to. owing passages were ?c c .Waves of applause roared through the hall when reminding the audience of the whirlpool of National Sr):i. ;listic propaganda storms, he emphasized the psychological impossibility of again deceiving our people with such methods, and when, in the light of the elections in the eastern zone, he rejected every attempt to establish a one- sided order along Marxist lines,, which. Berlin can afford least of all. ,,,,,For the honor of our people and for evaluating their decision, it must be said: this election campai;ri now behind us was fought with such unequal weapons that it took a full measure of courage to come out for the Union. .... ~~ye fight for clean methods even in the face of the danger that we will be run over by the ruthless me t'.1-lode of political and mora'.. unscrupulousness, fully coi scious .ale ? the -.oraA?its, the drifters, and. the opportunists, 9kV a know how the el octions in the z ie must be evaluated .00 (figures in percentages of voters who had a chance to vote for the VDU). I feel it my duty to state this fact, because we hardly have adequate means of publicity for this bawtle. . 0 6 0 OWe don e t want to argue any more about the fact that an e, go- tic attempt was and is being made in Berlin to remodel the political, social and economic structure one-sidedly according to. Marxist principles. This is a fact which does not fit very well with the "conscious will for the unity of Germany" which is announced loudly and often with defamation of other parties. DSO f, DE.P. FBT r"' ttgTtN~. ,.. ,r DSO FBK FBV 00 r ff C. FBI. FSX CFCE3 M NTR0L FsM B F : ' ttG D _..r. _ . .._.. _..._ M C1 W ed~~ R uuoouu 0- Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000100560005-8 C::,N RAL Iy-1`. ,,ILIG,21CL GTE(:UF' . io ?-...And we know, too that unfortunately we don't have enough printer'b ink at our disposal. You know) tool that our speakers are subjected to difficulties upon difficulties. .....It is very painful for me that after Minister Molotov's state- ment our worries about the Eastern boundary are no longer to be aired. ....oIn addition, we have little chance to speak to the people of Berlin about our plans. Paper and printer's ink are scarce for the Union. More than one party in Berlin enjoys the support of occupy- ing pours. We, however, go our way alone. That shall not weaken our way, it shall strengthen it. The following changes were made by the censor: ORIGINAL p_sr__E_ ..The strongest applause met his rejection of state capitalism, schematic socialism, class war and dictatorship, which today, after what we have gone through, are "reaction".. ..And I go a stop further: with- out the Marxist law of dictator- Ship. . .No establishment of Marxism. that -is the evident will express- ed in the recent elections - no class war, no dictatorship. It is painful when one hears the opinion of people who would like to be oriented one-sidedly to the W'eWest, who dream of a sort of U. S. of Europe including only the West of Germany. That is real separatism, born of the most primitive political attt?' udes and it is a dangerous coun- terfeiting of the great goal of the U *S. of Europe. Germany will fulfill its task as ` the country of the middle between East and West. ..The strongest applause not his rejection of state capitalism, schematic ;socialism, class war and dictatorship of the prole- tariat, ..And I go a step further- with- out the Marxist law of the dictatorship of the proletariat. ..No establishment. of Marxism, no class war, no dictatorship of the proletariat, ...It is painful when one hears. the opinion of.people .who would like .to be oriented one-sidedly to the West, who dream of a sort of U?S. of Europe, Germany will fulfill its task as the land of the mid dle between East and West. In articles on the Nuremberg verdicts in Neue Zeit on 1 and 2 October, the following passages were out ov1 " Eie censor: .....The Soviet General Rudenko in his presentation concerned him- self thoroughly with this principle and stated that 'according to the present=day concept, a war of aggression can quite rightly be considered an international crime. In Nuremberg an unwritten law was clearly expressed. The mean on the bench of the accused know that war had been banned by basic security treaties such as the Kellogg-Briand.pact. They knew that Hitler had given foreign countries other legal guarantees in order to lull them into sacsstja In this.connection especially the dcciuion of the verdict will.!be of basic importance. Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R00010056000 g CENTI i L Z 3'~' I.xrr : C1 ~'rRCW 3 ....Actually It was only flitter's closest collaborators who knee of his plans, who helped him plan and helped to execute the planar .....The court with strict objectivity has reaffirmed the old legal rule, dubioo too., in ease of doubt in favor of the defendant. *****As far as the "guilty" verdicts are concerned, it may bra 'said that a German court would have reached the same verdict if It had had the chance. The following changes were made by the censor: ORIGINAL The accused Schacht, ?apon and o ,The accused Schacht, Paper Fritzsohe were absolutely not and Fritasche were acquittede acquitted because of , ailtless - noesA but because the could not be proved. so that the court would have had to declare them "guilty". .I,The Decision of the Court ..A Just Court According to the S ED press was also subjected to deletions by the Soviet censor in its articles on the Tauremberg veardict,e. All strong expressions protesting the acquittal of Schacht, Papers and Fritzsche, were out out. For example,. the word ?6 p8rung" (Indignation) was changed to "Bedenken" (misgivings). 4. The new supervisory officer at Radio Beriih, jor Lebedev, ho has replaced Capt.., losanov, refused to approve a program of "man-in-the-- street" protests against the acquittals. The program had been re-. corded by SED radio reporters. Words and phrases used were con- sidered too strong for * broadenast. -, a may, - - Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000100560005-8 ?