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November 9, 2016
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December 16, 1998
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September 1, 1946
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S? CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT COUNTRY China SUBJECT Political Inform, 25X1A2 ORIGIN 25X1X6 The following report supplements information iven in previously made surveys of Tientsin newspapers 1. Min Shgng !A2_ . '1 4 +'`-- a. Controls ` Owner - Mr. Chin. Feng-ch?uan Manager - Mr. Liu Tzu-wei b. Status: The publisher states that spec al columns will be devoted to commercial and economic news and that this is the first paper in North China of such a nature. co Political affiliation: The managers I1r0 Liu, is a secretafy of the Tientsin office of CNIIRA therefore,, it is gen- erally believed that the paper is closely affiliated with CNRRA, ( i n'tsin Note: Subsource No. 2 confirms the foregoing state- ment and further states that the paper is critical of the Kuo- mintang.) 2. Iii in Shen;? Ijve~ Newt a. Control: Owner s IiiCh? ing-thsien $ ~- ,,,,~ d tt Manager +- Ch?ang Hs iao-ch uan ( / 1 ) E 1 ) Editor -- Chang Tao.liang (~ ) ! b0, Status: This paper began publication 15 Liay 1946, but was later suppressed by local authorities. It resumed publica- tion on 31 July after obtaining approval from Nanking. ce Political aff ilia 6a s paper is sponsored by a Christian organization. dote: Source No. 2 con- firms this facto) DSO A DEP. X FBi o U 10 o -MUST AD 80 FSK Fi3 Ec. FEL _ ft. PU t 1S DATE: .ti.on: Tientsin Newspapers DIST. 22 November 1946 `t IAL in acco.-d-~nce w;ti the PAGES 3 'nor i273 from the SUPPLEMENT 25X1A2 .. ? ^ ti Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000100560006-7 CENTRA]' Ti 'IGEtCE GIDUP 3o The Tientsin Chronicle (English. Language newspaper) a. Circulation: 1500 daily? b0 Control: Owner - 'Thomas Liang Manager -- Jack Liang gill Editors r_ Peter Ton!:!nd Teddy Liang Note: No charac Leas were received for the last four names U ca Political affiliations This paper is sponsored by the Ministry of Information of the Central Committee of the Kuot i.n tang w 25X1A6a Note: Thomas Liang is the Director of the Information ureau o. the Tientsin LIunicipal. Government, Lia,sg has informed Source No,, 2 that he has received no financial assistance ibr the the paper and because he has been using money from his personal funds,, the paper,will soon cease publication,,) 4, The Tient sfn EveningJjo rt o....,..~... ( ng?i.sh language neE^r5pa,per) a., Circulations 1000 daily b. Control: OYwvner -- B.S. Bogard Manager .- B,,S, rtogard Editor - A. Simon c~ Political affil.i.ations Political background of this paper is unknown, but it is generally believed to be sponsored by the National Gov'ernrment ^.? 5. Ids iD ilea a0 Circulation: 2000 daily bQ Control: Dote: This is the same Ch1 i ikin wh i lit P o Owner VA Chi.l.ikin Editor i wA o Ciil ikjn ...r s e ~ divides ox his e. t he Shanghai edition of the Juan tDai.isr 2,23-s" He time between Sh n h i ' a g a and ,-.~. ientsin c.'? Political affiliations- Soviet nevwspaper, This paper was taken over from the Japanese and t s po a d as -a ~,rivate enterprise, 4 It is owned by Li. ' un -hsfi C ) who is a member of the San 11i.n Chu I Youth Corps, The aT3e: is at one time suspended because of a dispute over ownership between the Corps and Li... It was scheduled to resume publication .on 15?,August as an officialpaper of the Youth Corps, y6after~, the dispute > 4r J. .l ., ?.! :_. ~s r .. .... ` `?..i i.. .~.': "~',~ 1.': n .1Yt .3 L3`.&.E+Sg r ra ' ang Jen-yttan( Dire tr r of the Tientsin Branch of the Youth Corps 11-12 f serve as publisher,, ahile Mro Li, the former proprietor, remains as chief editor. The paper had a circulation of approximately 2000 daily,, Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000100560006-7 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000100560006-7 CENTRAL INTELLIG i TCE GROUP Comment- 25X1X6 Mstates that the owner of this agency is Chang $hu.-.fan and that it is semi-affiliated with CNRRAO Since 25X1X6 information is more recent,, it is possible that the agency has changed +.+:,'rtrship>: ) North C Zln ,T -,., T ntsin A0_QX Pq= ae Control: Olvner - Liu Pannpo (/ J b0 Status: This paper is very popular with the middle- class people. co Political affiliations This paper is sponsored by the Kuomintang. 92 PAs~qn 8. Tientsin Economic News _ a0 Status: Only local news items are issued by this agency and the stories are c i.doly used by local nevisnaperso b. Political af_, iliation: This is a civilian-owned agency. 10, Tientsi.n_nq?2mVjria1 TdeC/'i encr by Political affiliation - This is p r-oly a commercial news agency with no political backcgroundo a~ Control: Owner - Yang Tao-fan bo Political affiliation; Thais 6 cy is *en ".`" vod to be sp6nsored by the 8130 r~ditor - Mr, Chia Ilsien-tall a o (;ontrol.: Manager ,`.?ang 3ui-fu ( ITI V /I L14 -71 ins; information on the listed in il" 12 and 13, be 3. oz,: ) c i.e ?.aaour c~~u d give only the follow- 11, Kt o e Jar p : do a s MinCger'. 120 n a g YQ This i.:-- a small Y7 f: n-i n. ~ ^:K nears agoricy. Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000100560006-7