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November 9, 2016
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December 16, 1998
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November 22, 1946
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Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R00010O5eOQ6 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT COWRY Austria &UBJECT Russian interference i& the Prods etioa of the Bru Glass F This'~document is hereby regrade ORIGIN NO CHAGF/ in of Austriey;. baeaument No. 1 Y CONFIDENTIAL in accord letter of 16 O_ DATE: INFO-iiiiiiim [MSf. 22 November 1946 PAGES SUPPLEMENT The following is a translation of e. report written by an official of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce concerning conditions in the Brunn glass factory (sic): An official of the French Military Government reports that large quantities of window glass are being shipped to Russia from the Brumn glass factory. An enquiry sent to the company brought in the following reply: Z Early in September the Russians requested that 7 of the production of the glass factory be surrendered to them,, allegedly not for export to Russia but for delivery to other Russian-controlled concerns. In return, the Russians offered to deliver- raw material to Brunn. The Federal Ministry for Trade and Reconstruction rejected the Offer stating that, although: with some difficulty, the Brunn factory was able to procure its raw material itself and that an acceptance of the Russian proposal would completely disorganize existing delivery schedules, 3 The Russians deliver glass from Bruno direct to their customers without requiring a ration certif icates a Furthermore, they have 'ordered the. shipping department of the Brtuan glass factory to sell the glass at retail prices Instead of wholesale prices. This constitutes a violation of price controls, The main office in Vienma has. no control over thea? manipulations and has no way of justifying this procedure with the Ministry,, or of drawing up invoices without violating existing regulations. In addition, the main office in Vienna has been instructed to forward all incoming mail unopened to the Russian control officer in Brunns who opens 25X1A6a the mail and issues instructions. This hinders the normal course of busfuess very seriously, e : The report does not give the exact name of the factory concerned, nor does it indicate its loca- tion;, there are several towns by the name of Bruno in the Russian Zone caNU'D Er,I ADSfl A DEP. X FBT .. i "DSO Y B i7EP. EXNA. NTROL CO: N F66. -0 1000 x ----- EX E8~ _ (FORE REL E ~--- - PLANS - FS 1niti a SP, r0 __ 25X1A9a