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November 9, 2016
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December 16, 1998
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October 7, 1946
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... 0V Di o enb Is V9 CHANGE in C1996b C COUNTRY -"Pr-in T PAL INTELL ENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE EPORT CONF ENTOA aT. SUBJECT Deployment of Units of the 12th Division -6a ORIG; . - iW This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDl' I`I"; IAL in accordance with the -in i. e airector c~ Centro! 9nte.i c.,? "'p to INFO DIST. 26 November 1946 PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT The following un valuated information is based on a document which purports to be a copy of material extracted from the files of the Captaincy General of the First Military Region in Spain. The parentheses were inserted by this offiGo. Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000100560 The deployment of the units of the 12th Division of the Spanish Army as of 7 October 1946 was as followea General headquarters and services.m ICH, (Province of Barcelona) Divisionary- infantry command ....... OLOT, (Province of Ger?or$a) 16th Castilla TrsfeniCx?Bisan Headquarters and mixed group ...tJAsn~c ARRItGA, (Province of Barcelona) lot banal ono. o e o o...... s o... ,C 4BL rE7 S, (Province of Barcelona) 2nd battalion ...................AYGUAFFR.EDA, (Province of Barcelona) except the 2nd company detached to Vich to guard the powder magazine 5rd battalion ...... ..o..........CEWfELLAS, (Province of Barcelona) Str Headquarters, mixed group, and :ard battalion .............. o . $Ht%GA.,p (Province of Barcelona) let battalion Headquarters. 2 rifle companies, and a machine gun company..... GUARDIOLA, (Province of Baroelo + A rifle company and a machine gun pla k~o on 0 ..... 0 0. o o. o o o o. o O GA, (Province of Barcelona) 2nd battalion Headquarters, 2 rifle companies, and a machine gun comps Mro....CAM'DEVANOL, (Province of Gerona) One rifle oompe' y. o ..... o o .. aGOMdBRF 3Y, (Province of Gerona) ADSO DADSO EXCL. OONTRQL A DEP. FBI{ F8L CLASSIFICATION F F T g Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP 37th Militares Infau Ravsiment lleadquarterso mixed group. And 2nd battaeliono.......~.?,,..,OLOT, (Province of Gerona) 1st battalion.a..eo.........oo..RIPOLL, (Province of Gerona) 3rd battraliono o o a. o o a a o o o .. 4. o? oOL(3T, (Province of Gerona) 12th A,rtill.ry Regiment y 8-5 Headquarters a o a o . o . ? o ..... c a . o aYYCi~`, (Province of Barcelona) 1st bat~taliono 0 o a a a a .. ?. o o. m a o v .,^aAN FELIU DE CObINAS, (Province of Baroelbna) 2nd butte1iona.oo.oe.oa.a.ono.o.6RIPOLL, (Province of Gerona) 3rd be~ttal ion.. e a c a ... e a ..... o o xRC) ' 'b~ ~~1 (Province of BaroelonA) IAL Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000100560008-5