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November 9, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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December 27, 1946
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A Approved For Release 1999/0 =CAA-RDPB-i`-Ob '7ROOO2OO3OOOO1-9 25X1X7 _ : INTELLIGENCE GROUP gIL ;- REPOW WWRY U SE SU3jFr.T Mae 75th Gusxds ,fle Divi sign 25X1A6a O N 2.5X1 X6 i W1 E: 25X1X6 DI T. 27 Mec ber 1946 'ACES SUPPLEMENT th Garde .oe led Banner. Order of Siworov. "Bak2maohO Rif].* Dim 1. Location: HepAgtzrters ~? ? l,a (Lat. 5 12 if. Long. 37(239t .) 2. Sj:bo 'aifi.aa.ts to; eaoud Guards Rifle Corps, Headquarters in VlMiir ?"c 1. Long. 400221 Z.) Personalities; Guards Major General Ya~-,aily Akihovich Cori>I r - C.G. Chief of St 'fg Garda Ool. Sl pikhin o tty Co i.v der for Pt;lttic l Affairs: Guards Lt. Col. Grigoryevich Piz; Arsist t Chief of the Politic , Soc :ionT: Guards Lt. CAL i.s leieyevioh S, o ,~J_Fief 1N.irst Section (Operations): Guards Lt. Col. J ief Third act{ on (Ci-aher) 4 Guwsde M . Debri? C=hef Your h Section (ereo nel) a Gwu-d; T+ or Tevd in tier of Rear ServiceE Guards Lt. Col. loch3rj a %- of of the Special Stactiora ("S erah*) & Guards ) or o Lei 0 0 Ebb 'mod `sir , Post&i d ?ass& (Division i .h tars) P.G. Box 24537, Tula 25X1A6a Co eats In the Zone of the interior the civil? a= ai.T ey ten is .used rather tbb`i the military field ;ct'.) Kh Guards .f le R gimexat ~o to .r< barracks in " a .?b rso litiess Deputy Commander for Paliti+al Affairs.* Guards r :., ar IvanoY 2U t Guar" a- Rifle B6 irant `Lemhin (Between ftTla and Moscow) -11 ersoas)_itieso D Vati Co ,t der for Political Affairea 25X1X7 Guards Approved For Release 1999/ 1-9 _ 25X1A2g i c. 241st Guards it3 e lie irte a Location: 3arracks in 'ula Personalities: De-out r Commander for Political Affairs: Guards Lt. Col. Tolcieiush u. identified Artiller, r :, K do Location: Plavsk (37 miles SS'W of Tula) Personalities: Cor.uaendin , Officer .. Guards Col. Bulatov Deputy Commander for Political Affairs ? Guards Lt. Col. Goduxiov Compouents? 159th aritillery itei-;iment 606th mortar :iegpisnent 25X1A6a AT Battalion AA :3attalion Comments Previously a rifle division had three Infantry hegitnent9 and one Artillery Re imoent. An AT Battalion and an AA Battalion were attached to the division liq. A recent tendency, as illustrated in the present division, has been to unite these forxintions into an artillery brigade.) 6. history: The Division, under the 9th Guards Rifle Corns, was engaged against the Germans from :italingrad until the Ca ture of 3erlin. After the enci o ' the wvr the Division was stationed in Nordhausen and Bleicherode in ` iuringia. When the 17th army (Hp Halle a.(, Saale) was deactivated In thaluary m February 1946, some of its units remained in Germany, and others, including the 9th Guards Rifle Corps and its components, among, them the 75th Guards Rifle Division, were returned to the Zone of the Intg ior. j'. rattle honors: Order of Suvorov Order of the Red.:43enner (twice) Title ")3akhmach", for 'participation in the capture of that town. Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200300001-9