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November 9, 2016
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December 21, 1998
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January 6, 1947
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co Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R00/,t'iid COUNTRY Spain sum& ORiGIN 0 0 1. The Pederacion Libertariao, AlTRIV IN MENCL, INTELLIGENCE REPORT Iberica de Juventade ONT Youth 0 ocument is hereby regrad L in accordance wilt ?ber 1978 from eta ' 1cionce -1:[ the. NFI or of 16 .color of Contra ArchivIst of the unted ? EVALW40 F GROUP 25X1A2g iNFO. See text Dai. 6 January 1947 PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT 25X1A6a N E T 25X1X6 The rederacion Iberia de juventudes Libertarias (Iberian Federation of Libertarian Youth), an organization fonnded in Madrid during the On National Congress of 1932 and continuing clandestinely after the rise of Franco, has an active counterpart in exile, operating from Toulouse. The whole organization is a eUborganization of the CIT. The exterior branch was organized in Paris in the spring of 1945 at a coogrees of the Movimiento Libertario Espanol (Spanisth Libertarian Movement). 2. Paralleling the split in the ONT into two groups - one sometimes referred to as the Leiva group, which collaborates with the Giral Government, and the other led by Gerainal Esgleas, which is anti-collaborationist - the FIJI has also split into two groups. 3. The non-collaborationist group, numbering approximately 8,000, is about twice the size of the collaborationiet group, and operates from 25 Place Marengo, Toulouse, publishing a weekly paper, haft, which has a circulation .of 6,000 copies. The Editor and Manager are, respectively, Benito Mille and Antonio Fernandez. The National Committee of this group is composed of the following: Secretary General ? ? ? eeeee PrOPagandn? and Prose Secretary Secretary of Relations ... Administrative Secretary . ? . ? 4 ? ... Its Regional Committee for Toulouse is composed Secretary General Propaganda And Press Secretary Secretary of Relations Admenistrative Secretary . ? lb ? ? Ramon Parra Francisco Martinez Marquee Liberto Sarrau Joaquina Dorado of the followingl Francisco Abella . Benito Perez Jose Villalta Angel Fernandez The objective of this group is to mold youths from fifteen to thirty, culturally and ideologically, to the pattern of pure Spanish anarchism. 4. The Leiva group operates from 47 rue Jonquieres, Toulouse. It has no press organ but distributesArelett001411--En. (Free Youth), a clandestine publica- tion of the Fit& in Spain. Its National Committee officers are: 25X1A9a DAD SO EXEC. OOf'ITRCL f.x.110' A DEF? FS'S ? ved ASSIFICATiON SEC DIST FP/ ..44.1; TRS 25X1A9a _ , OOL ? el; e q 00 ,..._ ..., :-.7Ri? Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200430002-4 CHNTRAL INTNILIGSVCE GROUP +2- Secretary General . . . .... Delegate to the National Subcommittee Treasurer . . Press and Propaganda Secretary . Permanent Delegate from Spain to the Nxterior 25X1 A2g . Nicolaei Fano . Germinal Trapero Fermin Lopez . Arnesto Jimenez Diego Bolanos 5. The FIJI, in Spain is anxious to reconcile the whole youth movement, and in June 1946 sent Diego Bolanos to Toulouse as a delegate to the exterior movement with the aim of restoring unity-. By late November, this had not been accomplished. With the aid. of Diego Balenos, the pro-gorernment, or pro-Leiva, FIjL has constituted itself, in accord with directives of the National Committee in Spain, as the Subcomite Peninsular de la FIJL (Peninsular Subcommittee of the FIJL) in France. Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200430002-4