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November 9, 2016
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December 21, 1998
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January 3, 1947
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Arrovecf'For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200430004-2 (;0Utj'T,fjY China E TIRAL INTEELLIGENCE INTELLIGENCE RI;PO SUBJECT ' onor : c Informat wore Tax ku Branch of She] 1 Oil - Pet ro1mm Coa a , Fk pei ORIGIN 0 .J F 25X1A2g g~ p~ MST. 3 r~ n ..may 1947 Pd'GLS 2 uppw Er 25X1A6a ,VALW?ON OF SOURC EVA )AVON OF CO 1T :t4 i Dac.~ u*~c1ti The Sbeil W.1 Petroleum Company y of China, locally t^T ~ti cally ! s ~:r own as ii~.~,alt. "op,i-3awj of China, 3_s a British concern which 4wa~,- formerly kno c e the J : ta.O Pat,; c.t.Uh.."n e?omp .n?{m I t as been ep atin~ a etorm,,,c sAr(l _? 'G2' `t uti f pien~, at Tan,-;1cu, North China for many years. Products Handled At the nr? sent 1:i.rxc }rracticaily the er,tiro r)!;ahlt 5'i , used in hared.:ir; krosene. There ht,,s been 'Jn ;r one shi'`ULf,nt of Peatr?ol deli'aie.ret year and none 1.s EJd pfeetf3GS Ta the near futur'ea, b0 Thr'ee ships with case oil 'rl?.tv'e been received since I January 1 1 ra0 it Ec :aspmet~ a and .a tor ~;e Capaci ty a.) The plant equiFmment iv in very poor condition b cause it :S,3 not l: br'icate;d or properly repaired r.,' 1c under Japanese o pere.tion,. a; n There e arc to "va- ,c-y story a tanks of iy000 tons capacity each and two; tanks with a capacity of 100 and 2W tons rc ;:'eot;ivcly0 .Kerosene and of are stored in steel drucis purC ha soda :zror:h the U.S. 1.fxaahea,,. There are sufficient ones TEfi other 'at1,.11tics in "pair e "Serwllirr.4; conoi ti! on to serve the a Iove franks , There is one dock cas 3:.ab1Q of r. ceoacciv~t,zra ; one tanker cur eying tip to 15.=)O0 term.~ which j q the usual size of shipments received" Dapth of water at low tide is 13 feet at this dock:, ~he:re ore three pontorsrhs` in ;_,ood condition connected with the dock. 4pprc:xirriatel r 24 hours are r^ to dischar;ae a 1 F,000 tors tanker t, d u Present s ore t:'a.hroxkhei 0 L?3";,e stor'a-,e 25X1A9a DDA Memo,' Class. CHAa.;; [] DECLAS c epaci ty is 2,000 British lon ; tons r al-, 60 decrees '"evi ous s cra e capacity was 2`,,r;00 sister tons in 8 tanks :rind three settli n: tanks. turnover per month is 2,000 tons of korosAQWCFU Auth: DDA NEC. 7711 -,~sirio , it e~ease 1 f 9 TO Date; __~ By: .. Approved For Release 1999/09 C.EVT1LL iNTELi.. G J Cze GitOUT' 25X1A2g It`.) After the kerosene is poured into steel drums it is shipped to the Tuft ryf.t fJ~Vq rt. stomsrs via railtiay. l.~ Taxes and Customs Duties n Shipments comp, from v i. oue sAreas a, but, ? _ t3 i A shy s come via Singapore p the +,hinese nc%, anti.-forei ;n srai p pin rules do not apply to British :nix other f'orei; n-te,;jstterc(i tz,nkers bdfdoh >ri,az fa to Chi na., Labor and Wa"ee x The company es~3; Toys aappro im a4; tc~ men rc T t1kii ai ciaa.: y eeJr ars ., 10011n i ci. ar s r ice.vo W1 C30.000 to 60 00,C) POX' month Quarters food have never been f urni sshe a to the 1aG11'kcf. 'fi U .yards and P` lfora ea Consic