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November 9, 2016
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December 21, 1998
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January 7, 1947
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Approved For a lease' / X74-RDP82-00457R0002004 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT COUNM Spain SUBJECT Rolatjons of the Consell Naoional de la Democracia Catalana with the A FI) of Catalonia and the Generalitat in. Exile ORIGIN 25X1X6 According to information of late November 1946, the Conaael.i Na?.ionaal de l.a Demo craaoiaa Catalaana (National Council of Catalan Democracy,` for some time had been trying to reach an agreement with the Alianza 'aacional de Fuerzas Democraatieas of Catalonia for the fusion of the two orf anizationa.' Considerable progress had been made and the Connell was about to change ito name and ednit the A'-D., whoxa the members of the ANFD distributed -soma leaflets r.ioh were very centralist in toned This action caused the negotiations to be suspended, although they were not broken o "f altogether. 20 Source. states that if a union of the two resistance or anlsa't;ioua now existing in Catalonia is affected, all the Catalan opposition forces will be united, with the exception of the Communists? who do not form a part of either of the two groups. S. Under date of 16 October 1946, the President of the Connell sent a letter, which was read by source, to Josep Irlaa, the President of the Catalan Oaverxx axr.t-tn ilea It reads substantially as follows. Dy unan:. sus agreement of the Consell Naacional d?r Is De ooraaoia Cataalana, the President of thin organization addreesaea himself to the President of the Govenimen ; of the Oezierelitat to explain to him i xxe resolutions unanimously adopted by the Consello 25X1A6a DATE. INFO MST. `X January 1947 25X1A2g PAGES 2 LJ/~ I ryVQ SUPPLEMENT 25X1 A6a EV TON OF CO 1TENT Effort to Y%rrte the Conseil and the ANFI) SPDF _____ a' U _ _ EXEC. =7 CFCS CONTROL FaM FBZ . Soo AN 1 TRS 25X1 A9a Approved For Release 1999/09 Comments Acoording to a leaflet dated 1I. September 19446,, which was distributed by the Car Bell in Catalonia, but edited in Per~pi ~xamn by Mtani Rovira i. lriigili of the Esquerra Republicana do Catalonia, the following orga>airation.s form part, of the Consells Aooio Cataalaan.aa, Esquerra Republioaxia de Catalwiya, Estat Catala, Unto a cretica de Cata~luuya, Moviment Socialieta de Caataal unya, Unto deg Rabaassaires, Front Nanional de Cataalu yaa, i'ar,tii Republicaaa d'Esquerra, Unio Catalanista, Partit Naoionslista Catula, and Lliga Cetalen.a, The 7 December issue of the pro~'government CNT periodical,, Es aarn& Libre, oontaiue a manifesto of the ANA of Catalonia signed by the of o'wing groupp; the Con.foderacion Nacionaal del Trabajo y Movimiento Libertario, the Union General do Trabajadores, the Paar ti t Obrer d' Uinifioucio Marxiste and the Partido Sociaalista abrero Espanol. 25X1 A9a CLASStFICAT$ON Approved For Release 1999/09/dCQWfi ( $7R0002Q Q.c -1 CENTRAL ITITELLI- ENCE ;JRCUP The Connell wishes to establish, for the heat interests of Catalonia, the closest relations with the uovernraent of the Generw-, alitat in Exile. a. The link of union will be the President of the Government abroad and the President of the Conseil in the Interior ,5 bs The Government, with the greatest urn elfishness and in the certainty of thus serving the beat interests of Catalonia,, maintains a legalist position. The Conseil, equally desirous of serving Catalonia? takes its bearings from the tripartite note of March 1946. Each organization, while maintaining the best relations, can pursue its own course, since the interests of Catalonia demand that all roads which might lead to the solution of the Spanish problem be followed. oa Although it is not indispensable, it is desirable that the forces organized in the interior be represented in the Government-in-Exile. 4 Irla had not answered the letter by the end of Noveiiber. Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200430005-1