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November 9, 2016
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December 21, 1998
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January 3, 1947
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COUNTRY U.3.0--'I. DP82-00457R000200430006-0. CENTRAL I T W NN CE GROG ~ ~5 ls.iSGE. C ME O ,T SUBJECT 24th Tank Divi. i n ORIGIN Approved For Release 1999/09/083 eat. : M teari.md arti . Person itiess. Ctoa tits : ;Ileapons : W.Xodaimiarz, Volhyv_ .sa, ?o1as Deputy CO: Colonel Ni.. ittra Chief of Staff: Lt, Colonel Aahelkii 1744th, 177th, 388th rigades and one I'K atyusha ,s b- ttalion.. 174th Brigade: 76 g to Sao- tzars 17?7th 3rigade: 152 howitzers 188th a r1gade : 152 s howitzers Cry ~, The howitzers of the 188th. I r igade.,, although of the see calibre,,, are of a different model frO . those in the 1/7th Brigade.) 17kt i 25X1 B0a Components: ocume No. :0 CF AN in Class. Q -1 DECLASS ED lass. CHAN , TO : TS DDA Mcuo 4 Apr 77 9uth: DDA REG.- 1'763, 893rd and 1149th Fegi a ts, Ord ,~~:i~es~~~o Personalities: CC: Lt. Col. Tiro ,-she Organization: DATE: Ito .. 1.)I T. 3 Jamax-j 19447 SUPP L ? E , Although called a '''ankh d,ivisidk, the 24 h is actually a division.) 25X1A6a Orgai. tioa: ADsa DE VTO DA DSO Foss DER c Exr-c FBIL sx Saar ..__ .w._~ .. ~..._. r~~ta~ oved o FR~[ease 1 99 08 CI R 8~ 00 0 Two battalions of t 3ree -atteri.es each. wAGhe,y R;) battery has 2 x 152 ho r .tse rss. 2 att ..ioris of 3 batteries eaoha .;ach battery- his 4 x 75 mr .t4 hOwi.t eabe. Co.- Lt. Col. erzact