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November 9, 2016
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December 21, 1998
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January 8, 1947
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..~_ Ecr= 25X1 A2g Sanitized -.Approved For ReI & '9tIA-01A-0 45 U.S. OFFICIALS QNLb CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT COUNTRY Siberia SUBJECT Military Information: Railroad Construction, Movement of Troops. ORIGIN 25X1A6a DATE: INFO. As stated DIS` S January 1947 PAGES 1 SUPPLEMENT F-3 25X1X6 1. a. tcx~ cs a~-isl~~ 31 0 ors and ~to:usoax els - crv ~:tsk rr Jl ra Linea ' he NKVI (?J Construction Project Number 500, which links Koa somolsk with the ports of Nikol re vsk and Sovietsk a Gavan by a double-track railroad, was begun in 1942 and completed in December 1945. The line was built entirely by internees of the Amursevlag, or Northern Amur Camps, F-2 b. The Ta tsk okhotsk- gadan Railroad line is under construction by political internees, probably of the Kalimsevlag, or Northern Nalim Camps. There is no information available on the progress of this line. 25X1X6 Note: The two lines in paragraph 1. a. above were previously 25X 1 A6a reported to be single track,uer construction in 1942. The line in paragraph 1 b was previously reported to be single track projected in 1,94:L7 F-3 4 %, The Headquarters of the Soviet Sixth G d T ^ uar s ank Ax Is inn rzya (116-31, 50--25). This unit moved from Mukden in January 1%6. The Soviet Sixth Guards Tank Arses is commanded by General Kravchenko. 25X1 A6a Note: The Sixth Tank Corps was reported in Changchun in January- o 9 n Kravchenko was reported as the c omnander of the Sixth i A n rt Manchuria, It is possible that the same unit is meant in each report and arum No. CUAN GBN Class. ^ I DECLASSI lass. CHANC 1 ~47 S DDA memo, 7 . ith: DDA P~~~? 77.J17! ate: Ny: - 25X1A9a ADSO DADSO EXEC. o OON r fiq _i ikw x 7jr OED FSK FBL. FW Fop S an,i i 7737 Fad Fez 5__ _~_ pp _ v ( sPW~ SPi]I a or R eI ? DEP. FGB C ase C T - ~W _ __ .. _. - c e 25X1X6 25X1A9a t Control U.S. OFFICIALS Q.NI,T