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November 9, 2016
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December 21, 1998
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January 3, 1947
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Appro COUNTRY Italy 09/08: CIA-RDP82-00457R000200 0009-7 CO CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLI(3ENCE, REPORT SUBJECT Reaction of inis try o to De Gasper 's Trip t ON EVALUATION OF SOLIRCri: document is hereby r3aJed 1 CO \ ?:7.NTIAL. in acco-d.nce letter o Octoi)er nee Director ot al Inteligence inlitva.6 VI' a d States. PiNtt tiview Date: '.%LUATON MST. 25X1A2g As stated 3 January 1947 S 2 SUPPLEMENT 25X1A6a 25X1X6 . De Gasperi's forthcoming trip to the United States and differ- ? ences within the Socialist Party itself are reported to have shaken the security of the Nenneetalfatti group in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 25X1A9a Aalfatti himself has allegedly expressed a desire to take a foreign post as counsellor, and the whole group is said to be nervous and uncertain. 3. Nennie is reported to have taken the De Gasperi trip as a pere sonal affront and is venting his anger on Vittorio Zoppi who will accompany De Gasperi. On 28 December Nana ordered Zoppi to prepare immediately an analysis of the reaction and declare- 'tions of statesmen who received the dictated peace terms after World War I and a detailed chronology of the conduct of Italian foreign. rolicy from 8 September 1943 through the Paris Conterencee Neither is a priority assignment but both are designed to ham- string Zoppi who has stated to friends that he would prefer ilot to go to the United Stater, if he is going to be used by the Socialists against De Gasperi. 25X1A6a 1111omments The purpose of the analysis of the reaetion 1 ndeclarations of statesmen (Count Drockdorff-Rantzau, Renner, Csaky, Count Apponyi, =ler, Ebert and others) who received the dictated peace in 1919 and 1920 is to suggest a lino of conduct open to Italy which will weaken if only in a moral sense the binding character of the treaty and pave the way for a speedy revision.) 4. The attitude of the foreign office which in general is favorable to the De Gasperi visit is based on the impression that the Pre- mier will achieve concrete gains for Italy in the economic sphere, and IS inspired by the realization that De Gasperi's success might prove a strong counterweight to the Communist Party and the Nenni Socialists by building up De Gasperi at a moment when Nenni might suffer a loss of prestige as a result of the Socialist Party Con- gress which Is expected to be a turbulent affair. In this connece Carlo Andreonl (leader of the revolutionary Socialist Federa. lbSS1FICATIfiN -A _?.- -TA-gic -7 ix, A DE-0- PIK- Fay FI3 ONTROL Faro ) 1 Z _. 1 pprOV fcit Rel a e.$999/09108*.:81 j ,,., , .., ? e0Cle ? 60A5a Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82- O00457R00020043000.977 2X1A2g CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP - 2 zione Libertaria Italiana) in a conversation with General Cadorna last week allegedly stated that he and his suppor- ters would attend the congress to accomplish the defeat and if possible the expulsion of Nenni. Avbassader cuaroni, on the other hand, told De Gasperi openly on the evening of 27 December that he did not consider the moment oppor- tune for a trip to the United States because the peace treaty had to be signed and the attainment of concrete gains for Italy appeared impossible. CONFID NTIP L ITIV Cr f A C:1117 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200430009-7