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November 9, 2016
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December 21, 1998
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January 6, 1947
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+! f Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R0002004 CONP T IAL CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE R PO .,, COUNTY China SUWEOT Political Tnfo Reorganizat ORIGIN 0G ent is hereby reg,,aded to in aceordanora *6th tt letter Of t r .1973 1-4m the t ire tc~r Or IQ . n, tb the i v EVA DATE: INFO. DIST. a ua ' `` 1947 PAGES 3 SUPPLEMENT 25X1 A6E 25X1X6 1. During October the Canton Municipal Government modified the plan which had been initiated in September for fulfilling its conscription quota. (1) The age limits were extended. (2) The city was divided into twenty-four conscription areas, each re- sponsible for its own specified quota 2. The original age limits for eligible conscriptees, twenty-one to twenty-three., have now been extended to twenty to forty--five. Difficulties have been encountered in attempts to obtain an 25X1A6a exact census of the group from twenty-one to twenty-three. Note: It was suggested in an earlier Canton report a - ' s Would be difficult of achievement.) t"Ithin the new eligible age group one source estimates that there are about 250,000 men in Canton. Of these only 1,394, or approximately ?55%, will be drafted this year a'ccordin? to the Municipal Government. Notice has been sent to all eligible men, on the basis of a census taken by th ci al Police in early 1946. The notification letter, is translr ted as follows; ocument No. -0 CHANGE In gDECLASSIFI lase. CHANGED DDA Memo, -uth: DDA REG. 7 . a t e : By: _ 23' '.,"e1 Fu. Area Station (Chop) On 13 October 1946 the Chien Kuo Jib. Pao Cantonese daily, published the following list of the city is twenty-four. conscription areas and their conscription. quotas, des1>;nated in proportion to the area's populationnt 25X1X6 cording to investigations, it is found that ~1r. X is within the age limit eligible for con- scription. From October 5-15 conscription will e held. It is hoped that you will come to our area station to be questioned. 010-5 25X1 A2g Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200430019AA2g OENPRd.A:E,L 1N TELL ICIEN CE GROUP Han Min Hung To Chen Toang '='e,ag Yuan Shamlen (Shareen) He. i Tung Ta Tung (1 ) Ohllen Chien Nan An Tai " .ng Chu Chiang Twig Shan Hui Fu 1 j37 7 Sha Ho (r'% xl j Ching Hai Meng she ng Hsi Shan Huang Sha Wang Shou 4n, ( ; !L ) GIs i Ch 4 an Two ; T i Hsiso Pci TO HHsUan Fang Tstun M-9, Im, 95 58 97 76 7 42 43 28, 36 98 24 23 97 34 116 57 40 48 95" 95 59 59 4;7 20 Total..... 3