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November 9, 2016
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December 14, 1998
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January 7, 1947
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-RDP82-00453RPR220004= ! 'IN t; 9 E TRH r GROUP IN TEL UG -'E REP OW COUNTRY France SUBJECT Professor and Madame Joliot-Curie 25X1A6a ORIGIN 25X1X6 DATE. INFO. Current DIST. 7 January 1947 PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT 1. The recent lecture delivered by Joliot-Curie on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of radioactivity produced a general impression of malaise. Joliot launched into an anti-American argument, violently crt t3 sizing . the Bikini experiments which were aimed, he said, at terrorizing the world by demonstrating that America was the strongest nation.. This incursion Into an extra--scientific field was severely commented upon by several personalities in the audi ence0 It was thought that Joliot-Curie had thus clearly demonstrated his ideological ties with the Soviets, and the fact that the nigh. Commissioner of Atomic Energy has stopped out of his role is causing a certain anxiety. Military circles, which were represented by the leaders of the Ecole Polytechnique were particularly shocked by Joliot's remarks. Broadly speaking, a certain hostility against Joliot and his entourage has become more apparent in scientific milieux and all the more ~ openly since the recent progress of anti-r Commuunism0 The Joliot-Langevin clan, so powerful in the past, has today lost much of its Influence, particularly with the Academia des Sciences. In the event of the Communists being excluded from the now goveb nment, measures would shortly be taken to replace Joliot and part of his team. 2. Irene Curie is undoubtedly more dynamic politically than her husband. She has remained faithful to the ideas of her mother who was a nih..liat when she came to France, and very soon polarized around herself scientists of the extreme-left such as Professors Langevin and Jean Perrino Rumor has it that Irene Curie is,, in fact, the daughter of Jean Perrin., Irene Curie's marriage to Frederic Joliot was arranged by Perrin, and she has been a member of the Commmmist Party for a very long time. Perrin Is partly responsible for Joliot'a successful career. For instance, Perrints extreme attachment to the Curies prompted him to request, while he was a member of the Nobel Committee? the Nobel Prize for Joliot for his discovery of artificial radioactivity. Joliot did 25X1A9a get the prize but had to share it with Chadwick who had discovered REVERSE FOR DECLtLSSIFICATION ACTION 05Fay A.SL}._ FOK , F1310PF~~ 8 DE CON ENTI q RET .S. JFFIC33-a "(3 y Approved For Release 1999/09/M IAA' R000200470001-1 C011TR6L- U.S. OFPIc Ts ONLY 25X1 A2g CENTRAL UNI LLIGENCE GROUP Washington, L.C. the "neutron". This division irritated Perrin Inmensely but Joliot was launched, and his wife's political connections gave him a free and well-orchestrated publicity from the Communists. Irene Joliot-Curie is a fanatic. According to Godorovsky, who is on the staff of Polytechnique, and who worked before the war in Joliot's laboratories, if one messures Joliot's scientific value at one hundred, Irene Curio can be given one. But this inferiority is largely compensated by other qualities. She is in charge of recruiting all personnel and organizes the various services. She is the one who pushed Joliot into the Communist Party. She has an enormous influence on her husband. Several times Irene Curio has refused to hire research workers or students in her laboratories on the pretext that they did not offer sufficient political guarantees. A girl student bras told openly that she could not be used since she was not a member of the Communist Party. U.S. OFFI C Tall LS ONLY CO TIAL Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200470001-1