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November 9, 2016
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December 14, 1998
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January 7, 1947
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Sanitized= Rg..CIA-RDP82-00457R00 .,` zyF,.s .k 'N ` ,Y' CEi T CINTE _LU NCE GROUP d >LLIGI8.N4 u;. ME-PORT SU3JEGT Path r Da aonnt (Is tiaxa ) 25X1A6a ORIGIN 25X1X6 FATE: II 4F . Current DM -I-. 7 January 1947 PAGES SUPPLEMENT "z-am 1936 to 1939 Dominican Father Sean-Chi.'istophe Dumont was at the head of a group of Domira.icns id Lille which eras consecrated to the study of Russian spirituality and curx trt religious questions pertaining to Russia. This group published a review entitled Istina (The Trui? h) on the staff of which there were several Russ ans. Among them Madame Densas, who has been dead for some t1i e, seemed to be the most outstanding personality as well as Archim.drite Alexander Lih reinov, who was at the head of the Russian Catholic parish of the Sainte Trinite In Paris. 2 c. Recently,, Father Dumont resumed publication of his review in the form of 17e hiersll Wbi b appeared at irregular Intervals, under the title of Russia and Christianity. Among the Russian .collaborators off'ax~ wa~on~e p 'opal one Is Georges M:aklakov., nephew of the former Russian Ambassador to Paris. 2.1 Document No. _ NO CHANGE in Class. D DECLASSIFIED Class. CFLEF 0: TS S DD 4 Apr 77 Auth: MUA i',WG. 7V173 Da Arne _ }3y: 02.1 ;25X1 A9a Sanitized ro~e~r Rel a ..CIA- D 82- .