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November 9, 2016
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December 14, 1998
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January 8, 1947
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Approve 1 W9 hj , _CgJA-RDP82-00457800020 3Fu?~ 25X1 A2g 3 January 1947 25X1A2g 4, LE EMT a 3 LIG [M REPO T OU TW Franco, SUBJECT ,& ociatioh. R .,a .'bii a1ne des Ancis r Com best-tants (A C ) 25X1A6a 25X1X6 The A RAC wao founded in November 1917; its headquarters s L:' ce that ti .e have been at 226 rue Lafayette, Paris, At the time of its founding., the ARP.,C belonged to the Internationale des Anciens Combattants et Victines de .a guerre. and h. d about twenty branch federations. i ro= 1917 to 1939, the AR C x s aims were as follows: close contact with European vetormne ? associations; - documentation and social legislation for vetex ens. anti-militarist propaganda; combatting war and Fascism; coordinating veterans' cla?imk with t hhe aspirations of the working and peasant classes; defense of material and spiritual interests of veterans on. the national and International level, and among other thinge, Z. The A RAC worked in close contact with the Cos Mist Party until I November 1939, when the latter was dissolved in accordance with the decree of 26 September 1939. AR C was officially revived 9 1 ~ 1945 , at a congress which took place at the s i* of Montreuil (Paris). At this congress the following were elected honorary presidents of A3C 25X1A9a Deapierre, 'tor- r senator Jacques Duclos Marcel Prenant Daniel Renault Colonel viol--Tanguy Madame Pierre George from the Rhone Depart Document No. -? NO CHANGE in Class.2 U DECLASSIFIED Class. CHiW : ' ; C : TS S AD 4 Apr 77 C AEA 1F CATt0 SE JR~rT 1VTU ,rove, Fo.?Release =t899/Q9/. 8_ By: * "... 7C'EA8a Approved For Release 199 -RDP82-00457R000200470003-9 U. 's ='C IS OIxI,Y CENTRAL II~sTELLIGE'SCE GROUP WashingtOri, D.C. 25X1A2g 5. The Executive Committee is composed of the following President: velix Brun Vice President: Augudte Touchard Secretary General: Jean Duclos (brother of Jacquos ) Assistant Secretary: Escure Socretax of the Central Committee : Vincent 6. At present the ARAC is making a great effort to gather into its ranks the veterans of 1939-1945. If the members of ARAC are engaged in any olandestinO activity under cover of this organization, source is unaware of it. However, he notes that Assistant Secrotar~' Escure Is In contact with they Spanish Communists itho are the organizers of the brigades,, 25X1A6a Comment: In addition to the two Duclos who need no x-or-ling ' o1.-Tanguy and klareal f're nanty are well-~I noz Comunists. The latter is a noted saientist and professor at the Sorborrno,, and is a substitute member of the CP Central Comai`bteo; In 1945 he was delegate of the Front National to the Corisultativo Assembly, Auguste Touchard is a former Comunist deput7 whd was interned in North Africa and released by, Girsud; in the Paris elections of 29 April 1945, he was elected; tunic1pal Councillor of, the 6th Sector on.the Union Patriotique.,fepublicaine at Antifascists ticket; his connection with. ARAC has been reported previously. Vincent is undoubtedly identical with Colonel Vincent, a member of the directing committee and one of the vice presi- dents of the Spanish Republican Volunteers Association which has adhered to ARAC. Daniel Renoult was elected Communist mayor of Ilontreuil In 1944. Pro thIng; is known of Despiorre or I;Iadame Pierre George. 7, The following military groups are adherents of ARAC : National Federation of Reservists: Vice President I,Ialleret--Joinville, former Chief of the P'TP, a nilitant Communist and "military exert" of tho CP Secretary General: 1. aur. ice Gay Federation of Republican Reserve Officers: President: Grenillon Committee T;Iernabera: General Joi.nvi.llo General 1'e ti. tbon Robert Bouvier Florentin Colonel Rousselier U.S. OFFICIALS 01.';LY Approved For Release 1999/09/08: CIA- 1470003-9 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : C - 200470003-9 W U. S , . vt`IAl"5 - Cr7TT ?^.L TI-TT-_ .T.,T Gi NCR ('rz{a P l ashxin Gton, D.C. Fedorstion of Republican Reserve ??COs : President: Roger ?:lorel Members: Le l on{ ore. ReTavbU. an Tsodoratlon for xlil Pr ration: 25X1A2g President: Netter Federation of Regimental, Ros .starat and FFI orou This ?'ed.eration's monthly review, L$Arriee Francalsa, is unsuccessful and does not sell. T h '6LM75T- ?`L ce is located at 10 rue do Chats udun.. Chief Editor: Co? onel Rous.Se11o1 Editorial Cornitt ee : A, Francois R. Bouvier U. Travert P. Mercier A. Pressouyre Llarceau A. Zoussman Lietayer, who was President of the IfTilitax?y Corm. fission of the second Constituent Assembly, also collaborates on this publication. Cam TIAL Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200470003-9