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November 9, 2016
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December 14, 1998
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January 8, 1947
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O UNTRY O i DP82-004R0002A07~ NT INTELLIGENCE GROUP S BJ CI? Zoos m1c Ir fornsa" : on: B , in ss and Indtastx'y ae o 25X1A6a ORIGIN 30 14,, 25X1A9a DSO 050 'A DER Fell 13G FBI SPOF X FOV -Spos Fat S! CFC R I 0 ~; 045 7 0 2 047 0 0 ~ l p ? Oi .. . - , .. - 6 _ _ -25X1X6 Compa.nhia Nacional de Nave aoao, represents many Dutch interests ( shippinz, air transport, etc ~, );, and ovens the Frarmacia Popular and the Aurora Portuguese. Reataurant.~ mento,, a Maacao daily new.^ s;praper published in the Portuguese lan ,ua e 0 `lie i~69p-any represents many shipping and transport farms,,, acts as agent for DATE. 25X1 X6 I14FO. DiS . 3 January .947 PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT The leadin; import and xport firm in Macao is }L Nolaeco & Ciao, which is owned and controlled by the Nolasoo family, composed of Henrique Nolrasoo,Sr,,, axRa?i.rax~ ~3~sle~sci~ ;Jr, and Frederico Nolasoo The firm e address in Macao if Avenida i~lmeld Ri >oiro 20,, and in .I3ongkon,; the Exchr ri e B.rildixa Iiexarique Nolasco, Sr? is acting Dutch Consul as well as editor and director of Renasci~. The leading store in Macao is Oriente Comercial, at Avenida Almneida Riboiro (opposite the Central Hotel..)o Its owner is Reinaldo do Rosario .rngelo, who is also the agent for the Honkon; daily paper, South China Horning Posts One of the most important businesses of Macao is the Macao Electric Lighting Co.,, Lied-.o more commonly known as ME-WO, at 2, 2A, 2B Rum Centr~aal4 The chairman is &ra P, Jo Cellion (British), and directors are K. P. Fletcher (British) and Henrique Nolasco (Portuguose) n In 19 42 the company operated at a profit of 313,4 051 and in 1942'at a loss of 6839717019. ( Macao dollars. 100 Macao dollars - 96 or T j Hongkong dollars.) One of the most important industries in l'+;acao is that of the manufacture of firecrackers, which is all done by manual labor and furnishes employment to several thousands of local Chinese. he process of rolling the paper casing and the red paper coverings is performed in the homes by Chinese Women and children,, Chinese paper imported from Kwar ung and Kwangei is used0 It is possible for ea ,h laborer to make over 3000 such paper casings every day. The empty casingiare sent to the 'various factories where they are filled with gunpowder prepared in Macaoo Pay for this work varies from Macao 40.60 to X1.00 per day. Firecrackers are exported mainly to the United States and to other areas where there are large overseas Chinese communities, In 1938 the export of firecrackers amounted to Macao !>L.66f,O310Qo. Another large ind: trj in ..aorwo is tho man factcrc of hatches and match boxers. This industry dates' from 1923 and employs hundreds of girls a;; extremely low pay., A laborer is paid Macao t42.50 for making 2000 match boxes in a day. The Approved For Release 1999/09/08: CIA-RDP - CEN` Rr' L INTELlJIQFNC GROUP 1AM, work; in this Industry is done partly by manual labor and partly by machive,, There are three manufacturer's of matches S Charon-; 11it3n ~t&ra Hen axed al l C41G)np ,'he production is comparatively small, one I'arto y daily p.'odi c in about 100 cux es, sack costa is 1rgr, 120Q boxes of r+aatehee m Raw materials ,,uoh us chlorate of Pot Lsh and sulphur are imported from :iorn;koa and timber from Kwr.ta ti.n2:, At present there is no export becaueo of the hiC h cost of producti.on., 'ac'he wc.iort of m?d`-ohes in 1938 artiounted to 1.:sacrao " , 8 3 o 0 114c4o xposaesaos an roxcolirsnt harbor for shelterin, fishin4; craft and is in a locality where =,here, is an abundance of fish, he f-i_shin r crtft t i.i -ll of tz~e -ta xxese type,, with no nodorn motorized bouts in t e b Yinoss e There are about 20,00O poople en-ra-0d in this in., aastry. One inform ant ; tatecl ;,h,t ra is O a t&-.Aw0aithy Japanese,, has 'on a kd a Japanese firaahin expert and is planninw' to Or-;urxizo aced direct the Lacado fishin?u industry Ogata was in f..Iucaaa us a civiliun curie;, the war rand is said to have worked as an economic advisor to the ~upracxuaf -;c~rxf tiz?i,,c~s there? however,, at the time of the Japanese surrender he offered his scrvic'?Ys to the Chinosaa and as a result has been permitte. e orzplete liberty a ;y . mother industry in Macao is that of cotton v:0avirxf;e This is a home industry ti4th most of the factories set up in private horses where ttoodon looms are used and the viork is all done by hand. The main proc.uet Is towels and cloth, of a ver?yr j'oor ducal i ty .;itich is tasr d. by the Ida crass In the I'orturuoee colonies, The znanui aetiax? of Chinese wooden slippers, tiu;.i a h provides em loyment to entire streets of the poorest peopl,F in I;aaaao, is a fairly lame industry. These slippers are exported rtaxiaal.y ?:hian chwxa (113-9,01,12P ;l district of Xu.~aa -ttant, There is also a ehinese tobacco industry which is utilizing locally-made rxaoh; nery, and a lime works which produces lime froze oyster shells o Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200470004-8