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November 9, 2016
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December 14, 1998
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January 8, 1947
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Approve For Release 199 09/08 C 457R00020047000&7 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP liTELUGCE REPORT COUNTRY Chim SUBJECT Economic Inf tion: Co rcia1 and Labor linio , c 25X1A6a ORIGIN 25X1X6 DATE: 25X1 X6 INFO. DIS: S January 19,47 PAGES 1 SUPPLEMENT ~azx?ir_,r the Japanese occupation, there ivas no Labor Union in Char. shun the )l'?eaent union was established by the Communists. It was not very active, however? and no work was done In ,,.r...n ;: tl the members or in carryin out policies, hen the 1~sationalists entered Changchun? they not only allow- csd the Union to continue operaati'ns,y but instructed it to set up branches in r,;.xi.ous districts, At present. there are 11 branches and the Union. hopes to ` ri e'+ren't'uai !y. The. Union leader is elected by the members. The aims Wni e;otivities of the Union are sin'-, to those of other labor unions :`'., la IrTmerci2al Union k:t:.xe fa+anded 50 year's a,o by the businessmen of Chan,-_,chun the 1;1anehukuo e ?irtf Japanese hold the key Positions in the or,anization,t d At as expanded to include i.rlduss.tri; lists and workers as well as bus1rnesg- :: aE l v.;as very, strJn,; atn influential at this tir:te. It was successful in ;y ec ucrrl riodern r:lethods of operatic?; efficiency and mass production in many hcan :chug. plants They 7.(n ors was Yyyact.t 'o l W.l. in the KsIDJian occupa).t on, V4rjaon 'it Chinese Contntunists "kook over the city, the former Chinese members of the )m:ueroc f u.. tJ21l.Qj_vattem;'?ted to revive it. The Communists;, however, made lar,e crr ands an tiie union on the basis that it held records of the names r.,nd orc}3- 'i:'P of` ,';.st lher?s r "u-io was therefore in a po-sits. on. to obtain .funds from ?2L'+ii2 f4)3" i;- S.t3I'":?iritt2i:itS, t, hen the a;;,ionaljsts entered Chan.;;ohun, the ~,omrrercia;a -,sin revi.voi'!. thi s tiaras successfully. Xhere are now 737,' branches, Document No. NO CHANGE in Class. 0 DECLASSIFIED Class. CHA'- ^?~ '"n' S S DDA P;` pr 77 Auth: D 53 25X1A9a Dy: P2-r so W. NT t