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November 9, 2016
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December 14, 1998
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January 7, 1947
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ocument No, ;0 Dam J. IA 10 CHANGE In cls .jp ed For elease 1999/09/08 RDP82-00457R000200470006-6 ] DECLASSIFIED T S p ' ?' ONLY 25X1A2g lass. CHA?'='.'.: TS S C DDAP 4Apr 77 y '~ y _ 1th: D ; G.77/1-763 EN 9 RAL IN`~' EW E N1~.s GROUP r. By: b 2 ` TE ..IG NcE Fi -Ft T 0 tJN RY Siam SUBJECT ORIGIN 25X1X6 Fee Thai and Police Influence in Politics 25X1A6a D, i -F. 25X1 X6 DST. 7 Jam?uary 1947 "'AGES :a. Two incidents which occurred the last week to 0ecemher 1,948 appear to bear out charges made the Democratic Party that the Free Thai :ender aund group and Siamese police Pro political tools of the coup d: etat group now in power: a. Ar. rfficer of the Criminal Investigation Department admitted in court during the trial of at Aroonts ease to disqua .ify Nat Dtx'ek FJalyana, sa as a winner In the Bangkok August by-elections that he had been detailed to attend Democratic Party meetings. This admission was made by the CI!) officer in ' rosponse to questioning by Phya Prida, Vat Aroonts father. (?Nai Aroon Sae sa n Vatana ?). The case was brought to court as tai Direk had defeated Nat Aroon by only a score of votes, although both candidates polled a record vote. The Siamese language daily SERI reported that Fee Thais who recently met in Rua Hin are still politically active and are using government funds. As a result of this article, the :d ie of SEII, Nat Ba rung Kritsart, was arrested 30 December by CID and held Incommunicado without ball. Police Chief Phra Phieharn Pholakit told newsmen Hai l3amrnng had been arrested for charging that the present government fostered a Com wiist platform; members of the SERI staff discredit this explanation. 2. The arrest of the editor of SERI is reported to be the first of many planned by the government, now that Parliament has adjourned, Premier Tharnrong told the press action would have. to be taken against certain papers, apeaifica,1ly KIATISAK, for indiso?eet methods. The Premier has discontinued regular press interviews and can only be reached by newspapermen through a ,strict secretarial cordon. 25X1A9a The Free Thai influence in politics is illustrated by the fact that all ministerial secretariats are held by you-mg Free That members regardless of training. A group of over two hundred Free Thais were guests at a dinner ' given by the Minister of Finance, With it Lulithanon, 29 December. The principal toast of the evening was drt to Aridt Bhan on . FBT FL?d m v zvn4Z 7 ~PrOW"c F;O 0,991@91,