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November 9, 2016
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December 14, 1998
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January 7, 1947
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GO$ DETITI. CO ROL Approved For Release 1999/09 :-IftTA -O64$7R0002004700:B41A2g! TRAL NTELLIGENCE GROUP C IN ITELLIGENCE REPORT T 25X1A6a 25X1A9a COUNTRY Slant 9IJEC' Attack on Gover 25X1A6a ORIGIN 25X1X6 abroad. U e i3udget GozmS.tte+s Qf the House of Elders in a memorandum attached to the report of the committee. Three members of the committee a Lt. Gen, 1angkorn Promyothi, Major Savek Nirandorn and Group Capt. Thian Kenradomying were all former followers of Marshal Pibul Songgr . The SeerOtsry of the committee who helped draft the scathing memorandum was Nai Aroon Saongsawan Vatana? AssisthnW-Sberetary of the' Constitutional Front Party. Chairman of the oommittee, Dr. Thong Pleo Cholaplum- and the Minister of Finance, Wichit bulithanon,, another member, did not vote for the memorandum to the budget report. The memorandum was a six-point attack on the present government. Administratively it proposed the dissolution of the Ministries of Commerco and Public Health, their work to be taken over by the Departments of Finance and Interior. The memorandum charged that government offices were greatly overstaffed and budgets were padded. Further,. It charged an excessive number of missions had been sent abroad and attacked the low caliber of sin-dents sent DATE. 25X1 X6 INNFO. nt by Pro-Phibul Elements +IST. 7 January 1947 PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT 1. An attempted attack'on the present government was made by members f th 3. The memorandum died a legislative death as Parliament adjourned 31 December 1946. Sentiment in Pangkok has been openly expressed desiring the return of Marshal Pibu]. to power to put the country into shape, He made a public denial in the 1 January edition of SRIKRVNG of any intention to reenter politics* comment: Lt, Cen. Y gcorn Promyrothi is a non.-active member of the t enersl~a?~'he ae s ' n er of the Interior under Marbhal Pibul, After the war he was held as a war criminal suspect, but was released by the general Dika Court ruling the War Crimes Act was retroactive and therefore unconstitutional. Ma it Save Wirandorn (previously reported as Nirananda) held the Pu+s t onn a e,crotary to the Regent until 16 August 1944. He worked with Marshal Pibu]. to prevent the fall of the Pibul govern. F8K F FOM #p oved rio B DEP'. } 3?B 1 _._..1 25X1A9a 25X1A8a Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200470008-4 25X1A2g inept In 'J'abr ary 19z-4. He is ai1e od to be wealth; axrmd to have ohtair ed k::is wealth from quuestl.orabie $ 0urcca p Foe has ho ri co z oc,tod with the Privy Fiyrso sca =th1 of 193 0 At one tire ho s r ?oU. as :ho Dtrogtor .of the That iona1 AnI - ity rank of 'j:?:at1 . ? . cc?_: CL 7?. '''J , .3 ONLY Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200470008-4