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November 9, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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January 9, 1947
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pproved For Release 1999/09/08: CI . 80457R000200510010-6 'U.S. s r~Ale. LI I,' COUNTRY Aih ani . SJL T Revised Const to a II yo star 25X1A6a 25X1X6 : h:i Central Council 3h Central Bureau L I T LL1G !;~1_IVTELUGENCE EP3 5T This ejhis L In ;1:Vdst of D:. ec`or of C e 0 ieiiOr cf 16 v r : al Intelligc,b66et FRO- Current 9 January 1947 3 United States. Date: 2008 idhat : rashes i, leader of the Belli Kor et are, is reported to have rewritten the constitution of that Alha La political group in 1945. The following It-: a copy of the constitution in its original dra3 t: "11. THE t 0!,15 s.' fV``IiON O17 THE BALLI q e ETAR . Balli ' 3:ornhet sr 59.3 an Albanian domoo vatic party, cemented with the blood of thousands of National Martyrs, and based on the a =ash?: { F n con.I':Ldence of the soldiers of Libert and of all Db.ntans of sood will. 2 Belli : o : *tr includes all classes of the people, and shall be o r ganized according to the desires of the people. The important parts of this organized body are the central units chic: for -the nualaus of Balli iom etar, the mental, pi &itua:. wr&kns and educating elite. 3. The central org s of Ba11.2. Xo h 'tar e 10 C, hn CO C 1 D O: TS DDA ~, a Apr 77 Auth: DDA FL -. 7r7/1763 Date: 14L-IL- BY:,,,_ The regions-1. organs of BelI.t Kombetar are a$ TI to .ona". Congress h, The Regional Council ., th Regional Bureau d:. The Councils of the Subprefectures and of the Co ?mea e. 1211:.a Respons files ONFI TIAL The election procedure, dutie and acts grit ~ s of these organs shall he put forth In eparate rules and regulations - n. t .~ c c s K a ?N k:1I.c4.A .F 0 A DEEP. AD cy o Fe F r NOTE .. _ 9a. y*sx I I a ? OF THt . Fy S ~ ! 9 3 1 ?~ ' ,proved f or` eased I~BEC ~4 -U~RO-00200510 1 QL_6-.-._..r_ -.1t R 10 1 P C0NFII TTIAI "AT pprove,d For Release 1999/09/08: 82-00457R000200510010-6 o..TRO U. S . OrIVI, =,s OTTT . CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP Washington., D.C. 25X1A2g 6. Balls Kombetar has members and friends. All friends (Albanians) of good raor "'and po~-, ca1. record may be accepted as members; provided, they have completed their eighteenth year and accept the principles, by taking an oath on the Flag that they sii it serve the Fatherland with fortitude and with discipline and abnegation, No member of Balli Kombetar is permitted to belong to groups which do not form part of the organizations This constitu- tion is t temporary one, valid only until the meeting of the Congress. The Congress shall meat upon the return of the Party to Albania." "B, THE POLITICAL PRINCIPLES OF BALLI K?LIETAR: 1, Balli Kombetar desires to contribute to the safety, orders freedoms welfare, and progress of Albania and of the Albanian society, by being organized democratically and by taking part in the government of the country based on the people's choice in free elections. 2, 13a111 Korbetar desires to cooperate ;firith all national parties and groups, which respect the freedom of the Fa .er- lands and Albanians. who sincerely strives thovh in different ways, for the safety, well-being development, and harmony of the Albanian people, 13a111 ,Kombetar opposes with all its. force parties, trends, or individuals that. are detrimental to the national interests or that resort to force, violence, or corruption as a means to attain power, 3, Ballf Kombetar desires that the, temporary ruling power in Albania shall be invested in the Nigh Council (Keshilli i Nalte), which will allow the people the necessary time to prepare detinitely the most suitable form of government. Balli Kombetar.desires that the elections take place one year after the Party returns to Albania. They should be free elections, universal, direct, and secret. A Constituant. Assembly shall decide on the definite form of the Constitution. 4, Balli Kombetar desires that in the administration of the country the heads of the communities, the mayors and the various administrative and economic councils be freely elected by the people so that the people may become Interested in the affairs of the state. 5. Balls Kombatar desires that special care be taken of the Albanians who emigrate abroad,, and that protection be afforded them. U.S. OPIPICIALS ONLY r V Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200510010-6 'Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200510010-6 Mor=TL .5 4 4T' AS ONLY 25X1A2g CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP Washington, D. C. 6. Balli Kombotar is in favor of friendship,, cooperation j and very close relations with the Anglo-Americans, who it considers the guarantors of liberty and the protectors of the rights of Albania and of true Lemocraoy. 7. Balli Kornbetar desires, concerning relations with neighbor. ing states, that there be friendship and sincere collaboration, as well as mutual understanding, in the political and economic spheres, In addition, it desires that the sacrifices made by Albania so far be taken into consideration. S. i;alli Kombetar desires that with other states Albania have good diplomatic, economic, and cultural relptions0 9, Balli Kombetar desires that no foreign power have influence to the detriment of our national interests, 1O,13all1 Kombotar desires that Albania be represented in all International conferences t:hioh assign responsibilities and privileges to nations, as well as at any conference whore Albanian national interests are involved. ll.Balli Kombetar is in favor of Albania's partaking In any international organization, which shall onsuro pence, freedom, integrity, and national dignity, and shall bind the nations in brotherly cooperation, economic and sooiai,l' U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY ,Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200510010-6