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November 9, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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January 14, 1947
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Ap5roved For Release ' g9/% pP82-00457R000ZOQ9SM CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP U E GE CE REPORT coin China S JEC veonou io Ina orutation: Soviet S.S. Smolny 25X1A6a ORIGIN 25X1X6 I This urgent is - hercbF CCNf'iLlg~ L Y rR~..~us i in 7tr er 37, fso V! Amh3dist of the to i s Oro yes. Next pi'ViQW Date: 200f3 DiSf. 14 January 1947 2 , AG ES 0PPLEMENT The 1 rallova?n ; table shoeds the amount, aiei ht? and shipper of the roo &i sent r m tihhae.,,hai to Vlartliv),t, r, k ti:hioh ole?ared the local Chinese Maritime Customs f=I October x946. : JIrY [,)L!anti t y ual "' YIF.3a' -h't' 10 .Lietzio No unit vi as 2:1.i.-ren for it gm,c jib anet ,, item 1 C t:o1.fram Ore Produce of Ohina lot No" ;:oft 10/1L1? :K t a x #7 was narked in t.:;ae fol1 owin, :rianne ? 3 as s 60)480 Krs ~ z + ~19OC )4 I~?'e .rutirre ;~` ~ 53~ K a 25X1A9a /y!~'~TT~TTITTTT T T b ?i : 25X1 X6 Contents Chun ~kinw Black Bristles 4%ooh. Oil 4 'i~ood Oil ti:ocA O:G.1. asMi.te Silk y@fp t'iolfram Ore S Ili iai er Central 'Truest Cerr?;ra.l Trust Central Trust 11 /entf, al Trust For?ei ;:a Trade Offi*e of J.: a:.G. Forli n/^ Trade Of1`is;e of H.R.G. Union S.S. orency was marked in the {'ollow+vin; ruannera Date: I1 &&C' - By: 25X1A9a CLASSIFICATION 'IAL CO1' RCL U .S. OFF 'A M0 1 7C A DER FBI _.~ -NG T{~6 f~l +~~+`T- 1 TI ~a. r; Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO2%WRI 0010-2 ERC bismuth Ore, 1io cozk3roduae of (china lot No. S1i 1 ~.~he Tftt#nt Sri. ~1.~i t ed the S S !*Sno1.n r a4r ''1'ASr Xl:'; 't honru''*i of 215-~ `tons' f-nd' t."'a name of ' `w ihi s Il1i:,iter *.s h Uon t:3Y.r C~PJko ~re r xEil"t1en Co 1 Ltd was p 'T'he s"e ntra'1 Trust u China ,e Tho : k{x{e s ~'J?~l C Z }_ t ^ F '1 a li "iii i ;t SriY ~,. , ~ t KE.'S: irc,e2~ ;F$l1 S' -ort i1the 4r. ydryr the S. T: i.'1 [n Is 6 aa iiu 1 s' I3~"'C/'- _ f`,'r '' C. 3.tt7; ,3 C Affairs The Union S , Sli A ancV .I-i c, i.. ?S he `sh i por! m srnfl 3 is probe:tkJ the Unjorl Steurnship '~,-;encky,: with ch the Soviet isi.pOn- en0. in +,~hea.n;hu s , a L EaS #, le S kl! uer of ?.r''-v j; s-? b 3 p - F r14 ''iJ t :?t 121- 11`ti7cl. on he mz nife it t.s E en s or 'F,^C .^sr ,CO ? l1AL c L I1.S. Q ICILS on y. Approved For Release 1999/09/08 :'CIA-RDP82-00457ROQ# 550 .10-2 10ENTRAI If` E-MOtN'C?P GROW