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November 9, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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January 16, 1947
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Sanitized - Approved F6oR CIA-PDP82-00457R0002007 1)00 P "Ssi a czas ,~ E. RSA s TARRS To . TS S COUNTRY France Auth: Date: Eff Internal Politics 25X1A6a ORIGIN DDA Menlo 4 , Apr 77 DDA :EU. Apr DATE: 25X1X6 25X1A2g 25X1X6 16 January 1947 ?t SUPPLEMENT Socialist-Counist rivalry and hatred are greater than ever. The Communist Party has lost ground as a consequence of USSR international concessions; the Socialists ?e making every effort to take full advantage of this through e opportunity offered by the present government in order to regain tie favor of the working masses*' Courtade. has admitted, that the Socialists have destroyed all.Croizat's e ors WE Labor Ministry,, 25X1 2 25X1X6 '.5X1 A9a 25X1X6 Blum is opposed,.. Mayer f*vorable, and Mo et hostile to a renewal of the present governt. Blum reportedly secretly desires a continuation:. of he policy of the present gover anent, which would be possible if the Premier were a Socialist. In this event, Auriol id out as President. 25X1X6 rumor that to have Aurlol as President_. Bidault as Premier and Foreign Minister with a Socialist Vice- Premier, is another solution considered by the Scoialists? However, - In the event of such a line-up the Communists have stated their intontion of demanding the Vice-Premiership, The Socialists, in view of Bidault''s frequent absences from the country for conferences, consider this highly undesirable. Therefore, many Socialists favor the following: Uerriot, President; Auriol, Premier; liidault, Foreign Minister; Du.clos, President of the Assembly. This line-up is said to be satisfactory to the Coiaunists also. In such a line-up they would obtain the Ministry of Industrial Production and the Ministry of Labor without opposition and would insist on the Ministry of Agriculture only. The SFa:0 would insist on the Ministries of Interior, National Education, and National Defense. -j--J.Splwc~j iX)SO Fain - X~ FC3V I e1 . _ , San tlzed . Apprdve for Rel DLS T . PAGES 25X1A9a 25X1A8a Us S ? OFFICIATE ONLY Sanitized - Approved For Release,: CIA-RDP82-00457R000200720002-2 25X1A2g CE TTRAL INT LLIGL `~CE {iROUP I'lashington, D.C. 25X1X6 4. There have been no official Bidault-CP negotiations but Communist leaders hope that I3idault will be Premier as they fear his Russian policy less than one of an Anglo- phile Socialist. 5. As to intra-CP matters, Thorez and Duclos have regained all their old influence, source continues. The majority of the Central Committee supports their recorm endation that an attempt to secure the Ministry of National Defense be abandoned and that a concentrated effort be made to obtain only the cabinet posts formerly held. Liauvais and Marty who opposed this policy now admit their error and all CP members are said to realize the disastrous consequences of non-participation of the CP in a future government as has been demonstratod by the current Socialist government. 25X1X6 6. recently the Central Committee vote on t e zorez po cy concessions and compromise versus the Marty activity. Result of the vote was 13 votes for Thorez, 5 against, and 7 abstentions. This, source continues, is considered a fairly serious threat against Thorez position and policy. 7. 25X1X6 a stormy pro-Christmas session of the Communist Party Politburo etween Marty and Thorez camps. After the session Marty is said to have declared it . impossible to allow Thorez to continue as head of the Party as he is too compromised. 25X1X6 8. Casanova's influence in the Communist Party is apparently weakened, . He is said' to have sent four Co mists on a mission to Spain without the clearance of the Central Committee. U.S 4r ALS ONLY Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200720002-2