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November 9, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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January 17, 1947
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Muth: D ate : By: _._8,r_ COUNTRY Egypt SUBJECT Activities of C ORIGIN 25X1X6 SGENCE REPORT H Thlsvdocume"m is ."-' - with the rcordance 25X1A2g U-10-TE-661GENCE GROUP letter of _ _....... +r" !Kee to DATE. DIST. 17 January i9L 7 PAGES 3 SUPPLEMENT 25X1A2g 1. Investigations reveal that the 16 men and womon arrested on 15 November 1.946 at the home of Professor fir Amin Nalati have it long record of subversive activities. Among these rte: (a) Professor Munir Amin I ,ati, dismissed teacher of Ftu d I University; (b) Abd.-.ales al Nasir, private teacher; (c) Ahmad Sh+skri Sa Lim$, teacher of Upper Egypt; (d) Mustafa almAyudi, teacher of Sa' diye school. The above are members of Dar al-Abbath al-Ilmiyyah (Educational-Cultural Hcm ) , which was dissol try order of the Council of Ministers on 10 July 1946, in the big anti- unist drive. 2. Also present were Zuhayr Iskaros Mikha .l,, Coptic teacher dui was a der of Dar Nashr Sukhafa al-H itha, another cultural institution closed in the July 1946 drive,, and Miss Latifa al.Zayat. 3. That atrally directed undercover comet gist cells are in continued operation appeared o tain vten the police found on each of the suspects a copy of the pamphlet distributed by Assad and Asma. Bauim on 14 November. The law provides punishment only in case that more than one copy of propaganda literature is seized on a person. For this reason and for the Inconclusive evidence in the cease, all 16 suspects were released on 19 November 191i6. A translation of the paih:ct des bed above, signed by the old-established 1 . Tptian Movement for Nat-_on 1. Liberation, -which is at present conducting its activities secretly, i'~?1~s? 13th November 1918 - 13th November 194$6 Laborers,, Fares rsl Stnden and cultured memi Minor merchants and officialsl Ladieai AraW men and poli & Eat~Y You have been suffering from the tyranny of Eagtish iannpera1ie for 64 !rears. Your state became worse day after day. Todays, I fAD30 AD3O t~c _ ' A DER X Ff K ~_ F53, .. _. F13T F5V X F.__ - SPDF 5k' S VTO ICE: T N !!_ -MUST ~ ~ CONTROL FDA + F3Z sco PLMS -x IS DOCU M E14TP Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200720004-0 08.11tRItL IDITELLIGENCE GR(IJP 25X1A2g your fate in life is .... poverty, illness, ignorance and death. Thy have you reached this degrading state? Because certain people regard you as goods that can be sold and bought. Those who negotiated gave up your rights and, in cheating you.. they have cheated the country, Because you are the victim of those treacherous persons two want to derive you of your sacred right in your struggle for liberty, independence., and happiness; and in so doing, they pretend that they speak for you and 'pct in your interest. Down with Imperialism, filch is responsible for your misery and ignorance. . Emotion People! Today, the treacherous Deqple, are endeavoring to complete the biggest bargain i= their criminal life. You look at then,; while your hwiel s are tied together in the shade of Si dqi. i s terrorist-rule; while they surrender themselves to ;,your first enemy$ the ire err ialist. But you know that -independence cannot be granted and cannot be realized through negotiation;. Dom with the negotiations, and long live the evacuation, The Sudanese people are suffering in the same manner as you do. They are also struggling like you. Today., you see,, in Eat and the Sudan, the tricks and maneuvers of those who pretend patriotism in order to destroy and shatter your united struggle against irnori,-Aism. But, in spite of terrorism, false propaganda and unveiled maneuvers, the treacherous persons fear the wakefulness of the people. This is why the treaty has not been signed until now. Egyptian People! You cannot bo freed by negotiating with the imperialist. Your independence will not be realized by those treacherous people. You will not feel any happiness in the hands of the blood.-suckers. E mtian People! e~ATT,Y T9~TVaTmT ? f Your Bate is in your hands. The only way to liberty.. independence and happiness is the united struggle wilth. the Sudanese against Imperialism and its supporters. you will not be liberateed unless, the Sudan is liberated with you The Sudanese will never participate ((Pith you in your struggle against imperialism, unless you have guaranteed their right to decide their fate after liberation. Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200720004-0 (!(lP,t~'Tff 1T Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200720004-0 CENTRAL 1 TELLIGENCP. VIICtf.' 25X1A2g Long Live the United Strugglet Long Live the Evacuation of the Vile Va] le7t Dom imperialism and its supportsj Long live the P.Fyptian i ovenient for 'National Liborationj Long live the peoples of the Nile Valley; free, indepe dexit and h ppy l 13th 114overiber 19116 The L. ti8n ovejnot t for National Liberation Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000200720004-0