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November 9, 2016
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December 16, 1998
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January 22, 1946
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1.4 yaw_ 25X1A2g Appr /0-8 :-C1A-A?DP82-00457R000360 remirret,:11?71.111-1, CEN "RAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP Nial.tGENSE REPORT COU NI RY Egypt SUBJECT Pact of National Front of Students 25X1A6a 0I 4 25X1X6 DATE: INFO. DIST. 22 January 1947 PAGES 14 SUPPLEMENT 2 5X1X6 4826 .. In the confusion created by the political developments e new student body has emerged, addine to the disorders of 24-27 November 19461 it is the National Front of the Students or the Nile Valley (Al-Gibha al-aataniyah Li-Talabat Wadi al-li1)? xhich hes printed and distributed a "pact,? signed by opposition elements. This pact, a translation of which follows in paragraph 6, made its appearance in Cairo streets on 15 November 1946, although it was prepared in October of 1946. 2. An investigation of the origin of this student body reveals that on 7 October 1946 a group of protesting young man belonging to many political parties, societies, and organizations met secretly at the IMMA and conceived the idea of a national pact. They were under the leadership of Kemal Ahmed Shubban, a student Inspired with revolutionary doctrines. . The group mot again on 9 October 1946, to check the pact for the last time and to approve its provisions. The police, suspicious of this gathering, interrupted the meeting and arrested Mustafa Muelayn? Hasan Sherael? and Jame' al-Din Mali, who are all active student agitators. The case was referred to the Parquet which released all of the accused for lack of conclusive evidence. It. The group gathers Egyptians Sudanese, Nubian, and Libyan students, among whom are: Abd-a1ertauf Abu Alam, lafdist? Fwd. Uuhammad al-Sa 'id, of All Mahir s Gibhat Misr, Sald Za.ghlul Fu ad Misr al-Fatah., MaharRad Haebu? Sudanese, Amin Muhammad Abd-aleMumayn? Kutlah, Fuvad Muhl al-Din, Muhammad Khairi, Jamal al-Din al-Saehuri, Ikhwan. Quite distinct .rom the nationalist teachings of opposition elements, the cus- tomary doctrines have infiltrated in the gitoup. Kemal Ahmed Shabban and Jamal el-Pin GhaILare the exponents of the communist thesis,. Ghali was arrested in tha 1435g: communiet deiva on 11 July 1946 and was released on 28 July. Later he traveled to,-Jlurcee to participate in A stndent convention. With Miss Inge, ifiaten he represented Egyptian students at this convention. WARNING NOTICE: THIS DISTRIBUTION LISTING MUST BE Excisedkame?1 For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000300VArt1c:001v4:116V.:191-Ei'DI PUBLIC RELZASE OF IHLS DOCUMENL ,FiASE Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000300010004-7 CEA113411, IffrELIJIF.ECE GROUP 25X1 A2g -2- 6. The r)act itself announces the fomation of the National Front of Letudents? states its aisas, and describes the means to achieve these aims. fly its provocative wording it brought its contribution to the disorders that too'r place in Cairo on 24-27 November 1946. The pact roads as follors: Peet of National ;4,ont for the Students of the Nile Vail T. Sixty-feur years have eaesed, end the Nile Valley is still suffering under the tyranny of ileorialiam. Blood is shed everywhere to save the enslaved country which sLffered all these long years from all sorts of Persecution and exeleitetion. A flood of false promises were made and a series of fail inc negotiations took place which deprived the citizens of their independence and dignity. As the youeg men of the Valley neve pledged (led and Home to stra,:gle for the freedom of the Valley ane its independence, we, the endersiened of this pact, being the delegates and representatives of our iroups, decided the following: 7"ro'e: To 7or- a -ex.,ioeel ;-rout by uniting the linos Af the students in the alias and with the means given farther below. This National Front is formed from students of many groups in the Nile Valley, who accept the conditions of this Tlational Pact and carry them out faithfully and sincerely. Second: The aims of the Front are: (a) The aecomollelteent of full independence of the Valley; (b) To apply the real democratic rule in the Valley; (c) To enforce the deeocretic rights of the students. Third: The means - The Front decided to use the following means to realize the above mentioned aims: A. 1. To defeat any ftoverneeet that accepts bargaining or negotiation contrary to the principles of complete evacuation of the Vile Valley on land, on sea, and in the air. Aleo)the defeat of any government that tries to stifle the principal freedoms of the peoples which are suaranteed by the constitution. Accordinzly, the present Parliament should dissolve and tne Sidqi Ceibinet snould be dim.issed. A democratic Cabinet should L'iun be formed' coleosed of national elezlents)which carries out the desires of the people, including refusal to come into any form of alliance with Britain. This government will then designate people's delegates who will sobrit the Eeyntian Cause to the 3ceerity Council and will hold free popular elections, 2. To nroclain the cancellation of the 1936 Treaty; terminate the present negotiations; seMit the euestion of the I:13e Valley to the Security Coancilevithout delay; and to go on with the popular struggle under a unified comeand, 3. To unite the struggle of the students with that of the laborers and farmers of the Eetion. Approved For Release 19MISION*NratAieDP82-00457R000300010004-7 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000300010004-7 CEETUL INTELLIGENCE GROUP -3- 25X1A2g 4. To establish contact with the democratic groups and the unions of students of other countries which oppose imperialism abroad, to induce them to propagandize for the muse of the Bile Valley, B, 10 To endeavor to form a democratic government based on free elections and a clear internal and external program, 2. It is the opinion of the Front that this can be accomplished by: (a) Demanding full evacuation of the Nile Valley on landion sea and in the air, without entering into negotiations or bargaining with regard to this basic right; (b) Refusing any military alliance or economic bonds which tie the fate of the country to imperialism; (c) To cancel all laws contrary to the spirit of the Constitution and those which restrict the public freedoms; lieaulse the law for students, the ler for the officials, the law for the Drees and the recent amendment of Article 174 of the Penal Code, as these laws prevent the struegle of the students and the other classes of the neoeles to achieve the above mentioned aims; (d) To endeavor to form a general union which will try to decide the democratic rights for them. Among its Objectives will be: (1) To denand the sereading of free education in all schools and institutions inasmuch as it is a basic democratic rieht which we should possess, especially becaeso the present Cabinet has used the inability of the majority of the students to nay the school fees as a we aeon to prevent thee from entering their institutions. (2) To acknowledge the sacredness of the universities, institutions and the various schools to protect them from the assaults of the police and others. (3) To resist all ':incis of persecutions? .including dismissals, exOusions from examinations for lack of payment, cancellation of free education, the arresting of students who struggle for their countre and' ito re-examine the students who are dee:Led this rinht because they have failed to pay their selooi foes and becauee of political reasons relating to the -etional renement. iI All groups sinning this pact will respect, interpret and carry out its provisions. ".Thoever bren3is any of its eceditons? either secretly or openlylvill be regarded a;; a feeaeo to unity and a threat to the National Yoveeent. Se will he considered a conspirator with imperialism. Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000300010004-7 Approved For RelealliVESS9P39108ZGC1X-RIDP82-0042%7A0A0N00010004-7 III. Imperialism4which continued to thrive on the blood of the children of the Nile Valley for over half a century and which endeavors to tie the fate of our Country to..ttp fate/and uses us as a weapon to fight the freedoms of the nations; this abhored imperialism which lowers the standards of living of the Nation, exploits and punishes the worker and the farzser, destroys the economic freedom; this imperialissi,therefore, must disappear and its treacherous supporters must be crushed. (Signed by:) The ',rational Party (INatanist) The 1.afd ?arty The Kutlah al-Wafd!.ah Party (Katlah) The Croup of the T,i7r.otian Students ?iisr al-Fatah (Young 1,1gypt) Ikhran (:,oslera Brothers) Gabhat l'isr (F