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November 9, 2016
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December 16, 1998
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January 28, 1947
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Approved FoE Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82;00457R000300010007-4 ? OFFICE OF COI 7TCN A.%UD DI`SS t, 7:'?;. IDN TOP ~UCRET SHiCEL'T C(WFII SAL ~ 1~C~ L1`y'l..L}u7v11' DISU __;" I07I "_, ,,%-YCH FiICF 1;NDUI; FOR: Per. Ql-And Ad:,drzstr~~tivo Branch AT'Iriorar~tic DJ3strjbution Ul.t a?.Eat e 28 J t 1947 Read.ir* Center-, 7istributio i .I3 \isierl OCD 25X1A2g SUBJECT.: Distribution of Ji~fort No. 1.. There Is enclosed raster- s e:ntii of a o're n bc_;re re Sor t ~~ub oc Chinese Cot ttm K. 'ra knor g Jap al1ese ep~ t t a t Man 4ih 2.. Please take necessary action to accomplish distribution as follows: NAVY STATE 10 N,pi, VjAR 10 copies 5 co AAF 2 copies FI3I(thru LVB) copies "T?NTFJii\IAL 43 coni_oos 4 coif ClfrI D TOT!?L 5 copies 25X1A9a "This document cor.ta ..r.; information affecting t,:t na16iona'1 done of the United States rz chin ',he .lean ro of tale ,;sriona,ge P-,ct, ?1 and 2ayS_ ali}17d~ Its t 'ansmi lion or t':e revelation of its cortcn:,; in any manner t0 t }, 3. Lich c ,ur i:s to be s amped as f 0CwS i1 uni ss unc1as d) : unau , .or Izud person is prohibited by l.aw. it 4. Kindly endorse, igii ai pf this leraorandUSr~ d't t, 4 Lion taken rc iirn to 1lnderr i and s, fhb to 5. First cgrbon of thi 5rX1 2 net and bi A second carbon of this numorandw:.'is suppliod for you fi. _ . and Y' O I' _T ~'1Ta' F ., v. r. l 4 _ _...., 1 _ , .. -, . C ~. ? .. i,_R T C''FrI T 1, L R~ MTC LNCL1 r D