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November 9, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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January 23, 1947
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Approved For Releasaes,, 4~ S w w TJS.,R/ L..ithhuaaia Rix=eniaa Troo}ye and Military l ta~lla t ~or'as R'A Il.:a E L L ' E, 25X1A2g r, TL: 25X1X6 e Po St Z3 January 1947 ES 2 SUPPLEMENT The following infomatiou was recently received concerning Russian OB and military installation in Lithuanigx '~ '.~rcar~~s 50,000 troops in Lithuainia enraged against Lithuanian. Partisans Troop concentrations as follows: ~- ree;i.ments ?- 7 xeiment 70 Troops (8,000) K Ca OW) scattered detachments and 0&s UUUJ HQ troops inarouee total to about 50000 "omtkander--in-C"ef Of V VD Troops in Lithuania -- Major Geners.1 Bar^tasiunas, a Ra s- .yi. rwith a. i.ithuaraiaz n me; is also Lithuanian Minister of InUrior. .n. c .ea 'rat General ET'fi.n _Of;, Linigter Of State Security and Chief of MGB in Lithuane 17OMno(M, Corn m a d 3r of K~tiYR&B )):j.BtF'iSt. ajor Stukas, Co nnder of Vilx District, a former Lithuanian officer, pr... ?io.sly sentenced for serving as a spy for the Bussians. {"cox School; estaeblishaad in Vilna in 1945 A ttended by 600 students; rainirg~ . 11 years; courses believed to be in political field only. secret organization referred to as SM'EPJH w .th small number of personnel in Li thus...ria., to check activities of LVD CB. A Miss Filkelstein., of Vilna .unas, has been identified as a member of the SMERSR organization. Jon General S].s,vi s, 33 year-old long tinxe citizen of Lithuania, who is 'ac=lt educated, divides his time between Vilna and Berlin while performing his Ada. 1, 13tr x give ch tles. 2. Ross Array Troops -- ... e1-%A'2 sa.ftn a1v:.8lo in Lithuania, including NC0's, but enlisted men are being demobilised and only skeletc, division remain with appro aat;ely 2,000 man to a division. 25X1A9a supp .iad with anus and munitions for full divi io rsx,eac~h division is fu21y25X6A LASSIFICAT 10N r - 25X1A9a Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457ROO0300070004-1 u:I:)r;P (2) air bs:so3 an-i disnasition of troops in Tied Ar-ii arc as follo:rs. Vilna tnd its su:;urhs -- 3 infantry divisions, includirr the Lithuanian bivision l artillery livision K~i;rab ------ I infantry division 3. coast ward livision, .':itli t?-r. Russian !ivy In each District town are found some skeleton divisions, totsralin, ar)o)roximately 20 infantry livisions, t} roe artillery divisions, an(] tank divisions. One coast r7uard division. some Si: nal Corps and en ineoring troops (only a few) in Lithuania. All Lithuanian-'tuesia.n tr-)ops 'aclon to the Baltic :ilitar;i District vith HQ ire Ri a. This a-)plies also to Russian troops in . ast Prussia. At ';en., Vilna there is a hul-,e aa:iriunition :urip. Z. :,.air. 1tir Lases Vilna Air i'?ase, ten silo Inters east of Vi.].na: Jf- 200 planes, 150 are f ip:):.tors, 50 are reconnaissance plar_es, a small number are t o-enr~ine bo;nbe rs . Memel Air -??so: 50 rocorlr.aissance planes. It has very lane drones. Kaunas Air ' ase, five kilometers nest of Kaunas: 150 fi hters and a small nurn- ber of trainers. iaiauliai Air Base, 14 kilo:aoters north of the city.- A training station, some fir.,hters. ranevozys Air Base: :1eco_ar:aissrance and a roll nu:lber of f i?,hter planes. :lnproxi-:^.ately 600 [lussian fighters in Lithuania. T ho smaller airfields in Lithuania are being rebuilt by the Russians. Lithuania -:a.s for~:aorly divided into 26 administrative districts, each with approximately three auxiliary airfields, except in the southwestern area whore about five airfields are being built for each district. The Russians have resorted con- siderable progress in this reconstruction. 4. .-',aval Info raa tion At Pillau there is reported to be extensive reconstruction. and development in ,rot:ross. Accordin to one infor-ia.rt, special trains brought 2,000 technicians an:i on,ineers into the area in July 1940. aincc that tine the rc ion, has been placod undor heavj Zuard. An ei-ht-.kilor.aeter security zone is being :.,%intained a1on: the entire Baltic coastal area. J^C i' )T-T!:JL L"..;. Approved For Release 1999/U08 : CIA-RDP82-0