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November 9, 2016
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December 16, 1998
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January 23, 1947
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Approved For Release 1999/09/08: FIA-RDP82- 57ROOi UQ [ NINE CENT PAL IN T ..LI N E GROUP LN ELL, . CE REPORT COUNTRY France SUBJECT Internal Politics 25X1A6a O8t9N 25X1X6 DATE: 25X1 X6 I WO. Dl: 23 January 1947 PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT The following information amplifies reports received previously and information now in the press: 25X1X6 - . , Source reports that the original Socialist maneuver anticipated: (a) failure of Ram Bier to form a goverment because of Couniat insistence on obtaining the Ministry of National Defense, and (b) the return of the Blum government, Contrary to all expectations, however, Remadier succeeded in persuading deputies of all parties to accept a Communist as Minister of National Defense. Acceptance of this was based largely on the grounds that. Communist power in this post would be strictly curtailed. Source states that the only resistance to this program centered in Bidault, Robert Sohuman, and Maurice Schumann. In view of the acceptance of rightist parties, PRL and u.DSR, the majority of the MRP were unwilling to refuse to participate is the government and thus automatically replace the PILL as opposition party of the extreme right. 25X1X6 =2,., Power of the Ministry of National. Defense will be curtailed as follows, source reports. with the consent of all parties except the CP, the Chief of Goverment will issue a decree defining distribution of powers and functions of the Minister of National- Defense and Subministers of Army, Navy, and Ail*: s, 'Rtat Major General National Defense, to depend directly on the Chief of Government who by French law is also Commander-in-Chief of the Army. b, The Minister of National Defense is to have full Juris- diction only for ordnance, military justice, and health services. For all other affairs of National Defense three subministers for Army, Navy, and Air are to have sole authority to initiate and sign orders. orders will be countersigned by the Minister of National Defense. 25X1A9a VTO 5X1 A g~'~ 2 5t3 EISiC F8V ( ;3P EP. saL F 7 CFCB Z SCO CIREA Ve O i--- ase _ - - 0 - 25X1A9a Approved For Release 199W0/080 CENTRAL IVT1fLLIGF1TCR GROUP- Washington, D. C . A 25X1X6 cd Subministers of Array, Navy, and Air will be moderates or rightists. On this basis, source states, moderates and rightists will be assured that Communist control and interference will be completely prevented. 3. The following rumors are reported to be current and are said to be taken seriously in some official French circles: a. French Freemason elements are propagating the idea that the United States is favorable to the Ramadier goT7err.- ment despite the fact that the Communists have obtained the Ministry of National Defense. b. Military circles fc.'.r that the United States %,faile adopt- ing a favorable of laissex-faire attitude toward the Ramadier government will take occasion, because of the continuing impotent government in France, to Give support to the Arab cause in North Africa in order to entrench United States military interests. Source states that rumors have reached the French of an important meeting between British and United States military personnel. 25X1X6 4. 25X1X6 from Whom source obtained his information, is of the opi n on that the Ramadier government will last since it has the support of all the political parties. Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000300100008-3