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November 9, 2016
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December 16, 1998
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January 28, 1947
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,;-'Approved ForRte_Ieasea' 9904O9/08 : DATE: INFO. See below DiS6'. 28 January 19147 PAGES I SUPPLEMENT SUBJECT Arrival of Soviet Representative from ' ientsin in Tsingtao 25X1A6a ORIGIN 25X1X6 25X1A6a 25X1A6a 25X1A6a . After six weeks of postponements. Andrei It. Dorofeev, Soviet Vice"-Consul of Do feev is staying at the axone u.t' Le cks .I,a.Isj, the Chairman of the Soviet Association of Tsingtao and has set up his headquarters at the office of the Soviet Association. He will stay approximately three weeks. 25X1X6 Tientsin, arrived in Tsir ,ao on 24 December. ote s It was reported on 24 October that Soviet Consul. Kurdukov would arrive in Ta ngtao from Tientsin on 6 or 7 November,) . Two or three Chinese "tai ln him constantly. - Note t On 20 December an officer of the Tsingtao Garrison Co nd told an American observer that the Chinese Police planned to annoy the Soviet consular representative as much as possible through constant survei-11.anoe.) 25X1X6 i x sfeev has stated that the Soviets plan retribution against those Russians who have renounced their desire for Soviet citizenship after submitting appUcation for it. 25X1X6 y NT L. INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT Note: It was previously reported that by 20 November tan notices had been printed in the Tsingtao nglish-language paper,. "The People Is Herald, "announcirr cancellation of requests for passports. . Although Dorofeev has been occupied principally with the exchange of temporary certificates of Soviet citizenship for passports and with registration of births, deathsvs, and marr:i agea, he has made the following statements on current vital topics: a. The Dairen incident (in which three krkericans on board an American LCI were not allowed to land In Dairen and the ship was ordered by the Soviet authorities to leave) is of negligible importance and does not jeopardize United States-Soviet relations. On the other hand the Soviet authorities were acting within their rights and the captain of the LCI was wrong. b. Soviets who have all d passports to lapse in order to obtain Chinese citizen- ship must have L.oscow clearance before the change will be recognized by the Soviet ? government. aa1c9''a~C$J f It + `l"i s._ a. WARNING 9 PIU1718 =_