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November 9, 2016
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December 14, 1998
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January 1, 1947
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25X1A9a ApproVed-For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000300450001-2 C ?-? or c;' Diroclor o c to the Uni7.cd States. the Next Rev:cw Date: 2008 NINTRY Tugoolar/a ?!;/?.113./ECT rugocav P 25X1A6a 25X1Ab 464,12#TRO ucru L----orfrouzy CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE INIaLIGENCE REPORT GROUP Doou nt No. rOO 0 VICE in Clas DECLASS Nye 25X1X6 tI INF?. Dist re Es 2 rilitJt3r 2947 PPLEsitivr 25X1A2g fatE12:911,2 1_211z.Z9ze! jaif? 4.1r P 10'281 kir Oak) jyar2. ? Air poroe lot Regimoot ard liegimakut .212d Ai lom Regimient 24d Regbeent Srd AlLpfri lou (Bowb lot /tett/of:tut aud liagiviant Alr Dtplolou 2. The I'llot Treolung 4?Uj 1Irlel ocik-_-_. ,,Pf-Asstirt pet._______I iiiiii-------- 44______4(------ - ---*---JiliPV/T- -7- j?______J Fei----- _ 0 PDF PD1-W SPLIT ? rite "marks At Novi Sad; C.0.8 Laragoolav 8114ovloh 4 taro* At Skopljoi C.O., Maj. atovan .9tovanooloh, r- the Germeoe mar olaalbor or 4 Chottlb gromp whloh a/soaped fro, At Mostar,. foMaj. *valor ono* la Cairo At 0.0.. Rajbercer, a Siovoue oho #44 00008 4.00.4 Alrk0 a' .patovloh, a member of tho C.O.: Capt. bIlkolloh Sijorolob, a AkesuIman Comoualot Porky. Ohlof of Staff: Major Ibro Afontouogro 0.0.1 Maj. klukak Bosorioh. on ox-Ravy elan from %rob; 0.00: 4401. Viktor Bubauj, a aftboz tho 'Comvuulet Ykr*y. Oblef of Staffs Araj. loll, re 0.4 tly re tit1/710 d fm koala icrobi Capt ro' . Aadloovloh &robs 0.0.8 Capt. *Ikloh otar; 0.0.# Maj. Potar Reclovloh, Crow Moo- an o. Chloof of atelys mai. kh4j10 Akrit, 4 tar, but moires to Mov/ Setd during the sum- 110 Cm4gus. 4 Booulau tho boostuso of tho latonoo hoar; C.O./ 'Sad; C.O., Cept. ICesit.Ijerloh At of Sant At Z At Za At tanagr Zella Atoll Capt. At Sovl TitA* Sombor. Is equipped avith Rusolan. t1,14-141'. gluod P-2 type games. The reglmentel oommandol spoolal ooursee 1.12 Russia for thim typo of &IOW under the on_an..and of 0oZJovrom $ ofpzezazs13,1411/ea, froze Nork., .07.-cofie A/ nom Ltsr . RELEAS 28X1A9a Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000300450001-2 25X1A2g Approved For Releasect2M9MdElMtn-190457R0003 Washington, DA. tenegro? who is also commander of the II:litary Air Academy at Panoevoe One regi- ment ie located at Petrovgrad and is cemmanded by Nhj. Meta Lekich. The other regiment is at Panosene. The following pianos are is Uses U-2, YAK 1,3,7, P-2, and S. Only one Transport Regiment exists at present but the formation of another is under consideration ? The Commander of the regiment is Serbian Maj. Vladimir Simich. Ries Chief of Staff is Capt. Pudarich? who was formerly in Rhodeeia. Capt. Arsenijevac and Capt. Zlato Dimoevich are squedron oommanders. The airplanes used ores old Junkers, Douglas, and one squadron of light Emden transport planes with a ca- pacity of einht persons. 4. The Military Air Academy is located at PanoeVo. The Chief of Staff, Capt. Vuoina, fled to Italy. The Chief Instructor is Russian Maj., fthajlo Fever. The atrongth of a class varies from 25Ce-300 students ? These students are ueually ex-Partisans and have little education. There are also a number of A lbenians in the ranks. 50 The Air Force Specialist Sohool is located at Rajlovao (near Sarajevo) and is under the command of 1.t.Col. Dozily Bebmajer, an ex-Navy officer. The Politioal Commissar is Maj. Daugulich from Kreljevo and the Chief Instructor is SaVe. Petrovich who was formerly an engineer at Air Foroe Bee. The school has two classes, one with 120 students and the other with about 400 students, including about 80 .A1- banians. Groups are subdivided according to the specialty taken. The coops of the school ii to prepare specialists for the Air Corps such an mechanics, pre- cision tool workers, vehicle experts, radio mechanics, and telephone teehnicians? Both officers and men attending the course are given ratings upon coMpletion. Can- didates for the school must have completed elementary sohool. Some Coimunist Party members have been admitted regardless of their education? 80 The NCO School is located at Kraljevo and Ito mission is to furnish cadre NCO** to the various units. This ()curse lasts for three years. At the end of this period the NCO'may accept a discharge or reeenlist. The school is open to soldiers already on duty withthe various regiments. 7. The Yugoslav Air Force has at present about 250 planes in good condition and ready for combat. 8. The Yugoslav Air Yoroe dump is located at Panoevo. Materiel which arrives at Pancevo is received by a commission which distributes it to the units or stores as it sees fit, 22.4TirZENI4OL 01. ICIA, ONLY Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000300450001-2