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November 9, 2016
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December 14, 1998
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January 11, 1947
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Approved For Release 199910 GIA-R 05-6 --SAL ]=zjj4E= GROUP (a) A letter addressed to the $PP by the local branch, of the Association for Returned Prisoners of War revealing that the...ltel tan State Railways have turned dorm the applications for work of some 200 South Tirolese because of police reports describing the applicants as having "Austrian eenti Eents", being "friends of Austria" or. "+a.nti .Italian" (b) A letter addressed by a South Tirolose member of the Italian Christian Democratic Party to a Trentim Deputy, Indicating that this Italian Authorities are financing the mixoorit opposition groups and newspapers in this South Tirol. 25X1A2g Other complaints heard against the Italians in the South Tirol inelude the follow a The unchecked ation of Italiens from Centrat and Southern Itchy to South Tirol. ;;n the course of one day 6,000 of such immigrants are alleged to have received pavdta to reside in 13olzanop despite the acute housing shortage, (b) The Italian financing of weekly newspaper, disguised as South Tirulese papers, which attack the SVP and particua ter Its delegates to Paris. (c) The Italian refusal to settle the Qptanta' question1, %%Ue granting nationality papers to a number of very deuhtful German (including Herr Smendt and 1rr? Aichner) who have assisted the Italian Authorities against the South Tiroleseq (d) The behavior of the Italian Authorities in the eo-.ccried "tom incident" when the South Tirolese Deputy Mayor .of a village with a preponderantly German-speaking rnaJor- ltyr was dismissed and aix local youths were arrested and y stained for reeks without trial, for removing an Italian flag- Previously the Deputy r had warned the Italian YlVor that it would be an unnecessary provocation to diem play the flag, 'while the youths before removing it asked the Italia Mayor to hang out a South Tirolesa flag ,Longs side itQ (e) The complete disregard of the interests of the local popu. lation in the latest projects hr the exploitation of local electrical power. In some cases dame are allegedly to be built which will necessitate the destruction of whole vil. lases, without consulting the local population, Approved For Release 1999/09/08. CIA-RDP82-00457R000300650005-6