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November 9, 2016
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December 16, 1998
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December 1, 1946
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25X1A2g Approved For Release 1999/09/08 :CIA-RDP82-00457R000~ 0 ~0 ~S tT.S.~:~C7.~.LS ?~Y ~~;E~~ ~NTEL~.~~EI~CE ~PaC~P ~NTE~.1.lCENCE REPORT ~UtVTRY Tran~ssia ~~ Rusaia~x"fxaterest ion Storage Space in Tehran {~!{~ 25X1X6 25X1A6a 25X1A2 ~~' 25X1 X6 DtS7: hebrusry 19 T PAGES ~ SUPPl.E~~i 1. A well placed source reports that tho Russians are attaching iatcreasing 3~*~portanee to th? retention ? of the lease of part of tt~ Tehram ~?ailRay station ~rarohonses by Iransovtx~aus. a oontraot far one year was described by thew $s useless. The foli.o~ri.r~g is x~ported to be a tx+ans~.ativn of a:. -'ted latter f~cvm the Iran3:an Sta##~ RAilway AdmiraistPativA= I?epartment of the 96inistry of Communications, to the l~ini Rle 2~,Ot~* to ba paid ~.n advanc$ ~.n f.~a Si3t-mQnthly~ i~satal)sx3nts ~.o thA account of the Admini.strat3.on. This agra~ent has been ~ up in tt~o copies under u hesdi~s aed sigr~d. bar fir. Patyashchsk, the 2:, 8ir$ctoY of 1'rsnsoQtrans, and ~,~ Ba'~ishniisev~ ttir Chief Accountant. ~''~ has nc~r been setit to the Rai.2xa~r AdmintstratfAn for signature. Aftar signature copies w~11 be e~ohanged. At the last maet3.rag, . ~-hiCh took plane on 15 ~ ctob~r 39~ab under tha Cl~it~manship of E~3.neer Ashman, thief of the Railw~r A~nin3~.strat~.on~ 3.t was agreed in a separate Setter that the past vent of the wa~~ houses . and the buildings which had subse~,tent~y bed put up by Iraneoetrans~ as 'e~rell sA the Ac3m~nistrat~ian i a ataf r~is, shovl$ be fixed by Transovtrans. The Administration than vdrnte a letter exp~cessiag its viers to Iransovt~ane. In reply Iransovtrans scant us ,a letter dated 23 ~C~ctober? but j since this repl~r eras not very clear tro the Ad~niatration, ws again brought up tFab question of thy! past rant and ghat was to happen to any 3nstallat3.ons Transomsrang might ham subs+aquently but up, insisting that the past rents should b~ fixed. '"FinaJ~3.y `s~.ncs Iransovtrans is a permanent n7.ient of the Railtrap Administratitrn, tha farmer 3.s handla~g otrer to that Adm3ni.stration $ Biel storage tanks t!onstructed by Iransov~rans at the ti.rne ~srhen tha w~ here, oi' .5500 ~nbia maters capacity. The Railtray compYysng with tbo request ~zf Iran~,avta~ans ~ - a~esd that this apace should ba leased to the latter for a-period of taroyearse~ Approved For Release 1999/09/0 CIA-RDP82-004578000300680002-6