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December 14, 2016
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December 17, 1998
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February 1, 1947
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Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R0003006$0008- R INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT COUNTRY Czechoslovakia ECT Cx i3it in Peeples P4x?ty 25X1A6a ORIGIN 25X1X6 , It caxda ~itr1 T - o o t-C c Irt p l , 'Ij -1 j3 letter cl f j Ce alrectar o An internal and e r i crisis 3a developing as to tha leadership in tie.:., Paop .e vs Party. Thv effecta of the ouster of Dr. Heleme Koz luhova a year ago are still being felt. Thery is increasing sentiment favoring hex? htxs- baarnd, Minister Dr. Adolf Prochaz:sas for chairman of the party. Monsignor' s, head of the party, hover has sought foram long time to get Procklazlca appo:.n`c d as delegate to the United Nations. 1Jan t~saryk, however, has stead- fastly xtfueed to remove Minister Dr. Jean Papssnek from this post,., insisting that he is bound/by personal promise to keep him. Therefore it Is doubtful now if Dr.. P.roeha.zka. would accept ever, a top United T tiorts position. The t tional Scoia.1ist , and the GooW. Democrats are increasingly critical of the part icipaatiOr of the People's Party in the National Front Government w.iiwta. they t e ew inaf foot i. .~ lgr*o lr k rarely appears in cabinet sae y u stl Ck1y very rr.asentiy he Ines c;aiJed again on the President, whom he had not seen for a 3eear. t.1ni ster Hanna has frequently abstained from voting dnrt. 3 t1 he r:,c:ent oriticai cabinot discussions, e.g.8 his sta in the revision ax' ths3 b :kinRg ::law tas hrou3ht forth c c,r sG tions from his non-Communist cab_inc t oollGagu s. ? --- Date *-2- Mee cA 193_K_ By: 25X1A9a PADS Lo. AD$O H i W&I DATE. 25X1 X6 INFO. D ST. 24 February 1947 PAGES SUPPLEMENT p,rc 1W 1 1.IC 1. - CT.:. t61 I- 25X1A2 2-=004578", YRN90008-9