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November 9, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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November 12, 1946
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Approved For Release 1999/09/08 CIA-RDP82-00457R000300700002- SKIZT C" X: N RAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT CC UNTRV Gee2 arz:y' (Russian Zone) S: UBJECT Plane Development, Dismantling at the Siebel e'l..agzeugwarke ; Ealllo 0 _IG,IN 25X1A2g DIST. 25 February 1947 PAGES SUPPLEMENT 25X1X6 lPuxring the last months of the war, the Siebel aircraft plant in Halle had de-,,eloped but not y at put in production a new plane, known as "Forschungs , Fluugzeug 8-346", a sing,leater constructed of duraluminum. Propulsion or the plane is supplied. by two "Walter Units" using liquid fuel, and the plane is launched from a carrier plane. The goal was to reach an altitude of 20,000 meters and a speed of 2,000 km. per hour. The wing span is nine r ".'ers, the fuselage spindle-shaped with a ra 1aa1 diameter of 1.60 meters. :g .Mead of the conventional landing gear, the plane has a retractable landing cka::1d. The pilot $ s seat is built into the front end of the fuselage. The via au-or is located in the center of the fuselage and is supposed to be the s : s as that of the ear.ier mcdel, known as the "Tailless Fighter 8-163" A great operational range was supposed to make the 8->34.6 is Yful as long-range weapon. A new fuel, known as TC-11 is used for the 25X1 X6-0 2, Another report, stated that in 1946 continuous changes ,n:i i p~csveee:nts ~ s raaz me on '~aas plane, called the Type .2W19 and that a f':I..;sished plane of this type was shipped to Uoscow for to sting in August. ,:' ,er that, ~ixorkk began on a second plane, which was not completed. This Aria was said to have atear-shaped' nine meters in length,, short, ,_? antcc , blunt mein s. Fl.X.ght duration was given as 25 minutes, speed app:.roxi_ ,:t,;e;.lir 1200 km./h. The fuel was reported to consist of two liquids which are tanked separately and burned as a mixture. The.plane was to be launched .",Yom he top of" plane in order tai increase the opes?ational rng t.. '3_ A third report, stated that 1800 men were employed in ;ak:e total dismantling of the Siebol plant, which was begun at the and of ;or 4oupled with the deportation of the leading technicians. The rev Iniag Siebel person rl was discharged as of 31 December 1946. SMA Karls- horst has ordered the blasting of the factory installations but no definite decision has beez reached on this point. This -"" ,ntdf- 0 e`a er 9r w t t e t)me,nt is 1L in accord 7gefrom tthe Director _ Archivist of the Oc Review Dam 200 Next tBT SPQF VT0 _ 1 i D~~osc~ 1 rROL a~st FU5L N TI""~' HIS -DT ES .I ' .IGN L! gLl CFCP T' } 6E _F 2 3