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November 9, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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February 26, 1947
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25X1A2g IKIE LOFAX-6 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82- COUNTRY Ck1 COMA-44T. 'ZA 25X1A2g } Set ss~. !nr? n ELUCtNCE REF OR7 SUBJECT Phliticel Inlbrnuations Conclusion of the Visit of Dorofiev in Tstngtao ORIGIN 25X1A6a to the Central Goverment.) CLASSIFICATION 25X1X6 I. On 4 January 1947 new officers and Ccr mittee members of the Taingtao Soviet Club were elected at a. special meeting. Dorofievr, Soviet Vice-Consul stationed in Tienteins, guided the proceedings. Lissorgors g was elected chairman of the Soviet Association. He did not want the Job but took it after what amounted to an order from Dorofiev. ia" Note: 'It was previoua],g reported that Dorofiev arrived in Taingtao on 2t4 December 19146 to exchange temporary certificates for Soviet passports.) 2. Reasons given for. the replacement of Lelchitsky as chairman ares a. Be was tired of the job and preferred to devote more time to his business. b. MwW Soviets were dissatisfied with his past record,, claiming that he r'_ aggressive enwagh. There is also some anti-Semitic foaling against Lelchitaky since heisaJew. a. Lelchitsky's health is not good. He was hospitalized in November and flew to Shanghai on ;31 December for an indefinite stay, probably for medical attention there. 3. The 1947 budget for the Taingtao Soviet Association will be U.S. #1370 according to Dorofiev. Collection of these funds will necessitate increased assessments upon members. Note: This news has not been well received in the Soviet colony. The size of assessments has long been and continues to be the least popular condition of Soviet citizenship.) 4. On 5 Januax7- 1947 at an informs], appearance before the Soviet Association Dorofiev stressed the following points: a. There should be increased activity by the Association. b. Dealing with Chinese authorities oust be handled cautiously. (In Nove ben 1946 it was reported that the Chinese civil and nilita'y police were giving the Soviet Club considerable trouble by inspecting the club as often as three times a week on any trivial excuse.) c. The Soviet Consulate at Tientsin will increase effort,. to obtain official Chinese recognition of the Tsingtao Association and Club. (on 26 December Dorofiev called on the 1%yor of Tsingtao to discuss status application for recognition made earlier in 1946 by the ingt hepat Governmant SSI i:D Class. C TEED TO: TS S C DDA o, 4 Apr 77 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82&Q6fl57R a 0 i3ZO3 Dater r I : 02_' DIIcument_ No. 005 HANGE in Class. khK Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R000300700005-0 25X1A2g : 3T:u.L I:;Tj.:X ::C:. G L TW 6. Doro .ev returned to Tientsin on 14 17 194? bJ U.S', .iiJvy aircraft. . oetin in beco: 3.n , a favorite of the Soviet authorities in Tsin:o. ..e is :1ro~s;- the le~.icr of the Yonth Troop -nC ::as :.atic c r*rbor of the Soviet Club Co.nitteoby cpcci41 re nest of .:orofiev. la re??,1 :ces odvvlm .;ho :;=t to Sint!;!=l in 6cntcr:bcr 1946. ,document oontairns information affed the U ing of. 31 and 32; the national defame of States ijithin t 0-ean- Espicnatge &cty 50 U.w O nis io or contMte in aut rized pe bJ 1=. marber to So f - L--, ;r+:,3J.b3 t Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R000300700005-0 a t-=d*d. Ito Ueae- rareittion of its