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November 9, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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February 26, 1947
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25X1A2g IKTE .LOOM ROM 25X1A6a aoaM ate. a"" ' tell at Jabri Cabiae't : Poraation of Mardea ministry CENTRAL 1NTGC. GROUP 25X1A6a Forte Prise Minister 8s'dallah Jabri 4 s worsening relations with President QW25X1 X6 wtatli. a subject of gossip since early last suaarar end ooasan knowledge sip the evaeustion celebration. *no to a bead during the Damascus riots of aid-fir 1940. 2. Jabri bad not Mesita( d to express his oondesnatiou of the weak and Iaoil eembeln- of the go'eern- d st m an luting attitude adopted by Presidsm Qu wratli >ro sent, the following sequence of events took place in Novesber, ending in the change of gp*ermmms>t. up= entering a as sting of the aaukhtars (ward bosses) of Damascus, c.vpked by 4 swag 1i during the rioting* Price Minister Jabri owes op y rebuffed by the surraai _ -a. a gi~ his mnouneed ---Li- g r the plans, took a plan. for the Arab League meetings in Cairo. Upon* arriving in g t later went to Alexandria, statin b u that city', he retired to his hotel room, ctaso i} r t aaa w-s o that he was gravely ill and unable to return 4. In the absence of the Prime Ministers President Qurwwstli's personal ther he t - ------ oge In time govermeenti, aSab upon a change of government and to it-atall a Prime Minister who would be It was only necessary iti on- close to the president end sooeptable to the oppcs sad of r m l 8 p caao+ l to secure the cooperation of Khalid 'Aim, Minister of Motiona MS.khail ;'yan, Minister of Public Works. 5. ?Am and ilyan were persuaded to resign with the rest of the Cabinet, an the according to it was inteixtded ' , promise of the Premiership for 'Aim.nowerer, ,. A_" -1- 1A be .hewed and Sabri tAsali, b of the Minister of the Interior, named as Prime Minister. . The gpvsrn went, accordingly, resigned without the prior knowledge of Prime gin- t o later Jab-&. by plot was, however, wrecked by a sudden personal feud between ?Asali and the President. L_a --AA-4-4--A some of tkaa3ifa t tha habits, such as drinking and gemmbl ing, at which s As ali j*torted with the law ident P res plication that without him Qw vstli would not have been WAR This doci?1! letter c: 13 C:o" 1-73 from the Director .A Contra! lnte, nce to the is he-e"y r graded to ocoo.diice w:,.:i 'the Rut Ti:t32 f fit;. -I CCISED BEFORE PUBLIC RELEASE OF THIS DOCUMENT. Mf'PQ. Viii. ':4 February 1949 2 PPLIMT Document No. NO CHANGE in C1 Date: r~ By: aacwu 1.I.k 7R00030070000 -8 Annrnved For Release 1999/09AS~` r2,r0 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-004 -resident Quwwatli, Thereupon., renounced the candidacy of 'Asalt !And urged .iabri to return and to re-form the government. Upon the latter as piqued refusal, Quwaratli su oned Jam-il Msrdae fey? and erdaa._ with such difficulty, succeeded in bringing together the present uosiition of all interests, except "Asali and the lChalid A t coup. t:o nant of another. reliable, aourcea 1"aregraphs 4 - 7 would seem to have been confirmed by the tact that iw,srdem Government has the support (or, at least, the acquiescence) in Parliament of the former radical opposition while the new oppo- ition is formed by 9Asali and the Khalid 'Asra ?- Mikhail Ilyan group. This affecting United States the espionage Act; 32, as amended, Its the revelation of its manner to an unauthorised prohibited by law, tional defense of the in the meaning of U.S.0. 31 and AL mission of to in an is Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000300700007-8