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December 14, 2016
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December 11, 2000
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March 27, 1947
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Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R000400550006-5 Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-004,57R000400550006-5 CENTRAL OftffiQW&kbROUP . WSW, Eaonomic Information; Roads Airfields, and Tele- phones, in Sinkiang Province 25X1A 1 .. General : At present; a rrta or part of Sinn iang as roads have ornly a. ,snd surface ttihesre.the sand is firm it does not presentgreat dif'f'i lt cu y to vehcl bt ,as,uwhere, the sand is soft; passage to ordinary cars and trucks is difficult or 166- possible. In most places the use of automobiles is irtpractice b t.-, Jeeps weapons; carriers and 67,6 trucks are much more suitable, Soviet-built trucks are better adaptsd.i to travei in Sinkiang than American trucks because the Soviet trucks are lover gesatred, Sinkian dri f g vers pre er Soviet trucks because they area more familiar _40-mzto On" sane rnArtja 1F or on f A oquent y the maximum attain> ?-.speed. Because. of the extreme winter cold .ard th b 'much of Sinkiang that sufficient water, as weVll as ; andofood. cmustrber hoemt carried to last for the ent`re tri a eance? an engxns can freeze in 15 a 20'minuts in the winter time, For this reason trucks are often driven 24 hours or during halts the ene'ines are, key t idli e i a Bence of ariti.rreeze, vz~nr~;vnes are a -se3rious problem. 0n the `Sulu .(I{eshgar Kann Shahr (75-5a Uu;z fzao ( K0rla) (65"5500.1 45) "r"d for in t 39? 9). but not eat i lisin;hsns hsia~,Theroad from. Hsizi~;hs izrr?h~sirz to H~ire,i i R ilPlMhc. ~ n a.,__....L a era izuis and good accamnl:t`!.i; sang?a e: There stare ,atin, place's at Harm and .lsnhsi (F~~57 2} P cymeters a day can easily be covered o Every 200 kilt~m,{ r r: then Iranohou (l03. 41~,36~'03)'Harm (Krzr?dul) 9?'7~L2 } 3) a There icy a good hanchou and I:singhsinghsjaa (95-09 LIJ R ) Pcn kil rroad b twoon ~- + r:o-r.l_ ? w~ l 8 scie~ nor nern road from Haim to TUsh3 ht c ou (91.'10P,340) is finished only about as far 12 c t T. .ear ,_~..r,,,,- ~Va 3~u-~~ co un~.I .Tsar (90.s3?~43s 00) - y or two ago 0 e t-heaven m " _ e i Gt ft a cf to :.the iaarth through Che - fiohxaochi 6 ng (91?3 432e) Thea ,-(, rod between c., #, snd Chile Torun is ;bad and mountainous,, The northern road from go chinz to Tihun _ v'3 is t?h9uju to T.?iua in t e w to l +s'i er hour .source once ent . ""''Thy 'road zsiest f'rcmi 8uf u~ta ~? ?r ;}i I rkosfat:azr (73 -5309-40), has it hard W urf ace grid is easy to. travel:, Other roads from Suf u to th(: US kt sera uch' u^ Xnherhtah 5 trrt ; (Yarkand) (7 7-2OA, 383 5),a The direct route from 1'aoh =,, t6- hencuh Yian', yeas `r erv od "no rued" by s ource }1e n~ounty rzs t'., the sout!14 ai glravel saxri-aeer:_ There is a rni.nor road or, trail froa.~a Yiititn to Chdi.~r;~o alon,; 6175) road is . a st+nc3y rt rt "jeep -road" a The read f'rorr{ Yutien to CJtza ; r-s a u)a road,.. At present i`,- is impassable to vehicles but is heinz. ixt:,rovedc ,. .. ~... ?- .t rnr ?n- moo r,CY1 d__ ri.4 ....7 ~lr v?=. 11 T~ntirr~ z , to Xtjvtuzz (tiotieri)(79-56r37-o7). Ttae Khotan~,,.nyflt,`~r;:l 'a)(~~ fiaa hi M~.1 ik(t;{3:.15~?.r~~l0) There i s a ravel road from Sulu throcz h Ye}'. r.a *itr? a` 77. of two o 'three tonso Those bridges can be expected to last aTpxis rear) has the dteadvantage of shitting wands in the vicinity and its liability Ckzige xk? }uerhlo: 'fro and a' half days are required to cover.this route. The ray have to be replaced every year. 13.. Chi elik-a xahsi: The "road" from Chi ,eli?r to the, aansda border, i.ndiosted ox the t ra ed. Far.Release 20.01/03/05 CIA-RDP82-0.0457R000400550006-5 Tlationa1 Geographic map of China, does not exist? but 6 gravel road from Chigc3lik to Anhsi, running near the Altyn Tagh.range, was built lest year. IOS`e2001/03/05 CIA-RDP82-00457R000400550006-5 25X1A CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROu P is Corrnocted with Ak-o+su by a very difficult uI~t road thro,z,h The new road betwocrn Chi elik and X uerhlo, and tho construction in progress be-f ra 5 our, t le4 k this Was impossible because of too much shif ir1, s.4nrlc, . la. Y4 . 1r SC! .. rc:r a crossdesert . road rrom K?uoh~e to the south was feasible l t e f d constructed,,. -rile road will be finished somet;,rte t 1is ve.sar, - reconnraissanee party was sent, across the Takla :'aksua 1?e7sxr= rf -h- cteatcr= ' t tt m ors o , .his ro&u nave been cor-i Meted and ir00 remain to be as d lfl L .L i, LAIM.1.L1 uilt,.;('rorl RSininZ, in Ch?in hai. westward and across the :-lt;ln Ta.-h to Chi pl ilc:,} E3~3J ka to et f , i - Ur r).S ar, vaijreraahle to :onCoi attack, and raids have occurred - i f this, corra.dor.' ores n., n 1 i -41 sfnirn , .,(191-49,36 37)--Chi4elik. The route to iami throe"11 t}rrs r'arrsu r t o? o e en . haul ?c-' the riori-h? Pebbles found ia,t it}iotsurr vier ~: u:. d in turf"az?in;- some of the .^out1-vc,r^rx road o~ . i v 0 AA ...t 11 hroughout r iuo}x of Sinkian , there dYrx?4 no trees in thim (t,re:t the neamat on os, L,& a;l4, , o4 they. f' tr f' th'a 4 c . U w T>pe Y Seal, Cif u:sat;e=r?_sralsr inle~ t,r-ush u ed, in the construction of the i i?-l-elik-AKluerh1o road ??roe:s in tfac ,vi rir i I . Road, construction in Sknkiari:- ii'.- 1- andita d b. ' in Sinkian a fleet of about; 200 tix?uoksy wort, in a ~cr a t ic:rr } . cods and passenmer's r , I t is. not known whether the trucks ur?o still irr .Air Transportation. 20-. The principal airfields are those used by the SLrio-Soviet .krllrla, sat a;.ty_rr 1 c ~~ Teiephono calls can be made from Lanohou to `Ci,hzra and f'rrrx~r 't'ahusx to cue~r?rllo- a - a.: F, ?, , 1 P. i , all r:Flrilu 4DO f J, ,81 ? I.rM LA Chou to T1. 'lea requ i_rea s lx hours., There are a niurb;er of small airfields in the south, as at Khot;>an, 5`},lh. r?fle iun;; 'urrt iJ-,qOs U- Those ?enera1t??r have no proper iri