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December 14, 2016
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October 20, 2000
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May 26, 1947
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25X1A9a Approved For ase 2001I( /05: CIA-RDP82-00457R0006003 ~~ ..~.s..,a ~ df -a_i. *~t:~?rnr., ~TmT A1'' SERF 25X1 A2g CENTRAL I T ENCE GROUP I 'EWGENCE REPORT . r? w?...&,:. COUNTRY Chile/USSR J ci Soviet-Chilean TrE.cie Agreement Proposal 04G 25X1X6 25X1X6 -' 25X1A2g 25X1A6a DATE. 25X1 X6 INFO. opm DIST : T ay 1947 PAGES SUPPLEMENT= 25X1A2g Additional inioxnatio on the Soviet-Chilean Trade Agreement proposal has been received. According to son e, the treaty is to be composed of two parts, one of which will be made p zblio, and the other will be kept secret.. The Soviet T~ ba ssy is reported to have promised President Gonzalez Videla that the Soviet Union would finance the Chilean Goverment in a maxner similar to that proposed in the Chilean-Argentine treaty, if that treaty is not passed Car es, Any money loaned by the Soviet Union would be discreetly invested so as not to excuse ccment. 2. In view of the proposal, President Gonzalez Vidola was reported to have been reluctant a lininata the Com umist ministers from his cabinet. He also considered using the possibility- of a treaty with Russia as a talking point for obtaining credits from the United States. It Is now reported that the intermedia between the President end the Soviet T basey is Dario Poblete, Secretary General of the Gov?er ent, and not Gerardo Ortuzar Riesco, as previously reported. Th3 ~w: *I :sect the n:tin . maten t of the United within the meaaai g of the 1 e Act, cr~za ??' Isms: Its n4r~,lla{t .,.. ts*e, rz la.7W~ ,-A,; ,. t'~ :wJ ~; 1.;4..,'S?'i! ?"!' Grp e ' .+5 1.':: Oh . 4ItOd % !A-1V. Document No. NO CINANCE in Class. ^ DECLAS`'U''1BD Class. CHANGED TJ DDA Approved For Release 2001/03/05 CIA-RDP82-00457R000600340003-9