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November 9, 2016
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December 18, 1998
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June 28, 1947
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25X1A2g CC. ItC~ U .S. OFFICIAIS ONLY - CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT COUNTRY rma (Rusaian Zone) INFO. SUBJECT Recruiting of Railroad Sragineers DIST. we x.94 6a 25X1A6a PAGES SUPPLEMENT RtGii pproved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-~ '0003-1 nrtpn~ UAMON OF CONTENT 1, The Soviets are reported to be seeking high-grade development engineers for the railroads. They have entrnueted Kramer of the Railroad Administration, Perlin, to can age Germans for this purpose at, his discretlono Kr r has, so far, taken on DIpl. Ing., Poutani, Dipi. Ing. Rohrs (who was formerly employed by the Railroads but was dismissed for having been a member of the Nazi Party), Dipl. inga iben (former member of the Nazi Party) and Midi ,terialdi.rektor Peter Kuhn* (former amber of the Fazi Party, who was in the S.A.),, ;rarer engages these men, but sends them to K rlshor?at afterwards where they 25X1A6a receive their orders,. 4. One immediate project is the planning of an Oberb a gen which is a device for testing the permanent way. Under this schema diploma engineers are to receive a salary of 900 to 1,300 monthly; engixaee RLI montr ; technicians 500 RM monthly and interpret- era, eto may be needed, 4503 Rat monthly. All. are to receive extra food allocations. Thy ent containa information affecting the natio as of the United Staten within the nneaning of xaage Act, 50, U.S.C. 31 and 32, as mendnd, asion or the reviation of its contents in e ~ r to an unauthorised person is prohibited icy' is 0 ent No. 7 in ClaSS. ^ _qff WV*AL NO C ^ DECLAS Class. CHANGED TS DDA Memo, 4 77 7 Auth: DDA. REG. 7~ Date: By. car. d/'ri+'~i C0 av + V s e. OFFICI8. V1.e.L~1 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000600690003-1