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November 9, 2016
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February 2, 1999
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June 17, 1947
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25X1A2g Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000600730001-8 Is] X, I CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE, REPORT COUNTRY Perox'Brazi]./Chf le SUBJECT 3'uventud Ccmmista . 25X1A6a ION 25X1X6 DATE: 25X1A6a Iwo. 1I& DID. ;17.' 'une 194 PACES SUPP E4T Under the: urgi o: the Drazli a. C nunis tr Youth leader.. A .o t dez, .who was v.sV,ti'.. Lin batty en 24 a.+ad 21 April 19447, the Ztur tud C wla to del Peru organized a e i ttee of six m ribers as t e Co iU~ Central do la Juv ent ud Cowimista del Para, a separate, but sub ordl a' , entity from the Con fta Central National of the Co=d ~R nis Party. G fts urged this step to bring the Peruvian c: rganisaatjo in line with the organizational ae1 u : it 'ariaou?s? of r Latin American countries, including Brazil. Ile r co: r.,ande.d that t youth group carry out its orations through various front or1a,$,iorra, such as sports Audi a oadeic groups, U.a le nces"Ung the Cos a?, ist dire action of the latter. Guedes also armed for the .noune?: sent through the loading t onse A.1-1 new pap r in Lime, 0,,q'.Vg s o " h Con Congress to be held Sant. ago,, Chile, a In en aax 3942. Although announced to the public as a wnngmas of all American youth or anisatian..s for the passe of forwarding peace, democr^ y, eeone nta develo ent, and. higher living a? n 'sdards, Guedes in,Voz d the C immantats In Peru that ache. control of the on a s In the hands of the Ju ont d Cmwiist,n- as a re .t of predoz! naut najori e Accords to C1edes, the pica to be, developed at the Congress i nc1ude exclusion of fascism and forei. , . Influence from the go > anus of the Latin American ca ntriey , nationalization of i dustries,, 1mpro meet of health a d piing t nd.aa s, agrarian refs rm, a nat 13spendence for 'uera Rio, T3d.a d4rx.w12t hs r,'s-tI 's of' t'9.' ., l 4,y 43*r/ S ie~Yr~ ~ E to an U aut on zed person is prohibited by U w, Document No. NO CHANGE in D sC-LA~~ -VI CLASSIFICATION Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000600730001-8 .S. y33 1.o ar"Y Laaion