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December 14, 2016
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December 4, 2000
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July 30, 1947
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IMIELL,FAI a -Approved For Release 2001/03/05 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000700770005-9 csmealt CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT COUNTRY Bolivia SUBJECT Partddo de la Tzquiorda R 5X1 C MGM 25X1 A DATE: 25X 1 A COrryziar,... INFO. aocurrient is hereby TegradeaAq CONFIDENTIAL in fetter wit of 16 Oc!cCol. IT13 f- orn sup 4/?.7447 1947 S LEMENT 25X1 X 10 The Fartido de la IzquierdaRevolucionaria goes back in origin to about 1923. At that time its leaders, Jose Antonio Arm, Ricardo Away and others, includ- ing the? Communist Aguirre Ache (now dead), were a part of the directing eeoup of the Confederacion Revolucionaria Obreaea Popular (CROP), which included the Communists of Chile, Peru, and Bolivia. The center of this latter organization was in Santiago,. Chile, and its program and principles were distinctly ef a Comm:List character. After oeveralyears for reasons unknown,' the Cemmunists of Bolivia c=i .1:4 be controlled from Menievideo?, and from that city came the order to form a Jew party which would not be identified with Communize. As a result the Frn.Ate izquierdista Boliviano (F/B). was created, with Arze and Aneya still at 4e hamo Later, because of divergencies eppeariag in the FIB, at the time that Penararda vas in control of the Government of Bolivia, there was held in Oruro a leftist convention (attacked by the Falangists) .from Which was treated the pra. The same leading elements controlled the new orgenleatione Its program was Ltkewiso of a Communist character, and even included anti-nationalism; but later. without benefit of a conference or congress to legally modify the program, a seaend edi- tion of its program was issued which had lost the Communist tinge. This mats- morphosis coincided with news from foreign countries that the Comintern. had ordered the 'Communist parties to assume the character of nationalist or 30Q4 e1 pertise. 4? The present program of the FIR is as fellows. It includes nationalistic prinoi plea and its political propaganda is based on the concept of ?Petrie. Some members of the FIR who are definitely Communists, when asked about this aepeet have said without the slightest hesitation that it is meant !to deceive the people?. As a reault, they have obtained the following of many true paeeiots? such as Gutierrekireatturguiat who entered the polity innocently, belieFig it to be Bolivian. To expose VAR fraufi it is =faciee>pul pomp t " 441r CONFIDENT ? CLASSIfiCATON11,011P DEC r-,-, r-lr, r-7r, ZE!: C7 r-r-1 Class. Approved For Release 2001/03/05 : CIA-RDP82- Auth: D GD TO: TS S C TAIMOW17/0 002)5 -9 _SAING. igict Approved For Release 2001/03/05 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000700770005-9 MNTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP .2.. 2 5X1 A M. CONBIDENTI/ demonstrations held by the PIR carry at their head the Red Flag of Russia and the portrait of Stalin. Another interesting detail is that the present Mas- ter of Labor, who has actively worked ae a Communist, has baptized his children With the names "Rusor and "Vledimiron. 5. In all of this there is one truth which must be emphasized: if it should be possi- ble to prove in any manner that the principlt 14aders of the PIR obey the dic- tates of Macaw, 80% of the adherents of the ?wiy would withdraw, on them Gutierrez? who has so stated to his friends. 6. For the present, it seems inconvenient to attack the PIR. It ferns a solid guar- antee for the stability of the present Government, since, as an organized and armed party in La Paz it can defend the constitutional order in the streets. To open an energetic Paz, against it, making use of Trolence, would be to give it greater prestige, and to favor its spread. It is necessary to combat it tactfully, taking advantage of its errors and putting it to ridicule, This is more a queation of cleverness, particularly in propaganda. This document contains information affecting the national defense of the Inited States within the meaning of the Espionage Act, 50, U.S.C. 31 and '32 as amended. Its transmission or the revelation or its contents in any manner to en unauthorized person is prohibited by law, TTA;! Approved For Release 2001/03/05 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000700770005-9