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November 9, 2016
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February 8, 1999
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August 13, 1947
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U;ai ted s dVdidUtltontains Information of the Uni F#r.1W?Aj Q109124 : CIA-RDP82-0049WOQ80 Staters within the meaning of lh U.S AC. 31 and 32 a onage Acts 509' ~nme ded T4 transmission or tne its consents in any 6" ion of manner to an uneu':.'wrifsed per Reconstruction of Oder Sridres at Kistrin 25X1A6a is prohibited by 1tiw. INTELLIGENCE REPORT Cfl tTRY Germany (Russian Zone) SUBJECT RIGIN ORIGIN- INTELLIGENCE INTELLI :NCE GR. CON AL In n acco of. 1 Der Director of Centre Archivist of the Un:.od f feat rr it Date: 2308 25X1X6 if go=e to t ATTACHMENT: 1 map The Oder Ri v-er bed near K?4strin (V66) is filled with sand an:' is not navigable. The following bridges were observed in the aea: a Two iron railroad bridges have been repaired for singlet track rail traffic,. not permitted to leave the peninsula and are watched by the b`:3er :police. g r Y Years0 They receive rations equivalent to tho The barracks, partially damaged, house a construction battalion consisting of three companies with a total of 1,800 men. These workers, drafted in the eastern part of the Russian Zone, ar. supposed to be relieved every three months, but many of them -,,tve been in service for more than five or six months, Their ave.,;e a e is +1-%1 t h n e w.t in six or. eight months. The wooden bridge this section has only one passage--way. d. The bridge in the northern section is being salvaged. b. Road bridges have been replaced by four-lane wooden bri- ;es0 These temporary bridges are strong enough to support to ::: s o c4, The bridge in the southwest section, made of iron, is t- be `i 3sh d -1 3. The border police patrol a restricted area one kilometer fro,,; the border, Papers are checked and travelers are often interrogr. >_..3d at the komend"a tura . Documents examined in the railroad station revealed that ten to eighteen trains, loaded - with goods, leave K~,Itstrin daily for. Inster- 'urg, Kovel and Brest-Litovsk. On 12 June, a train of thirty-seven sealed cars hauled 512 tons of barley eastward., With the exception of a few trains carrying military equipment all westbound tr3. , tns are empty, source claims? Railroad workers stated that strain is evident between the Russians and the Poles, and the latter return all railroad cars whose manifests are not absolutely in order. CLASSIFICATION cument No. _ DDA Memo, 4Ap ocument Is hereby regrad 6e rdance with 1978 from