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November 9, 2016
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February 19, 1999
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August 19, 1947
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errettia g? Approatt .R Al~g)1'Q 4 : CIA-RDP82-00457R00080 tt'l t te'C States 'J7'.r+`. thin the ,7`t : ' ing Ss ONMT , 32 as wended 1tr transmission-or the- revelation of its contents in any manner to an unaut Person is prohibited6.? INTELLIGENCE by law, INTELLIGENCE REPORT COUNTRY Germs (Russian Zone) SUBJECT Railroad Operational ORIGIN 25X1X6 25X1A6a The h e This 7Ne.v vy s raof 76 a ccordenCe f' r October 797 w,'tn t st of Central tron, tof the United l f:... t 'la operational report of kio kiab i.n 11.: ei r; f- sw~ai *. r. ror tha month of V'tiy 19t of Car Re3c~,:~ ahr :ire',1?,'; ~, v! to f.A (t S'lr IC;tti n (Ship' ` "~d V 'erutra ) i ~ r t re rat _on.s a ;. r;. t i o eran tQ n is Destination 357 Troops booty, trailns anmmunition, Russid wood 1665 25#921 tcis of y?aachinoryy woc;ds Via ScbeuTle to cement, briquet,-e>, potash, and Stettin (ship-,-,.d gaga . by 1erutra ) 176 wood Poland (reparations) The following shipine:;ts iiated in the operational report 1f the Reichsbahn ,Jirerz lou :rALart fcr the monthi of May 1947. No,:, of Cars C T1, '11 e 2 L t -3 645 10,22#3 ton of potash 300 495bl"tolls of s4 ur 50 750 tons of sugar 162 Narroay gauge field rzaiiroad cars Peat cation Poland (repar anions ) Frank furl- /Otte (for the SMA ) Brest-Litovsk (for the SMA) Brest;-Litovsk NBnigsberg The following sh1pz en s are listed in the ope:t?ations i report of the Reichsbahn Direk ti an Berlin fo tra month of May 1947 s No,, of Cars 178 3,177 tons of reparatl ores goods 18 192 'tons of eleotri.cuul ar ter al 53 182 tons (repara t- C ) 1807 189237 -aloha - occupation traffic 4048 44,528 tons of repars- lcn 10990 11,118 cons cz miii-c-ury equipment INTELLIGENCE REPORT 25X1A2g Approved For'Release I 99 109/2 W0457R 007-5 _2 Non of Cars Contents 13. 100 tons of relief material Received from 'witzerland 1 16 tons of grain Received from the Netherlands _ 5 42 torts of fish Recel. gyred - from Denmark 31 430 tons of fish Received from fugoslavia 4