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November 9, 2016
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February 5, 1999
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August 27, 1947
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Approved For Release 1999/09/24 CIA-RDP82-00457R00080 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT COUNM tierce (Furman. Zone) Railroad , Traffic Over Germ-?olish Border 25X1A6a WWI 25X1X6 1807 The lists below shnm_q, t? e smoo.jn.t or traffic over the borde.? Russian Gone of gerrmary and the, Folish-adriinistored redo?, 21' 'une and 13 July . 47 # and the types of. fr--!E t shin e 'ward so far as rerortea 2 LIST i (Per od Border-Point Kuestrin W.ehrki rch Scheune Forst Gub en Eastbouri Dismantled Structural iron Fluorspa Rye flour Livestock INFO. DI St. August 1947 PAGES 3 SUPPLEMENT Cars westbound Loaded Mill 99 756 537 22 8 5 8 3126 629 fp Kuestrin equlrmentDoc Reparation ;coeds Methane Hogs Barley Cement Cables Stoves 1-10 July 11947) t Cars Eastbound Loa ed -- '. n,t nt Do. ed 6? no CI ' in Class. ^ E3 DTCLAS IED Class. CIA' TO S TS S DLZ% Mo 4 Ater 77 *t s * .c.. L1 Date s 1652 62 2483 Nip Q of Car; 63f3 r>~ 44 96 of the between eest- Approved For Release 1:9.99/09/24..: LQ-RDP82_o8a 7R000800Qj_ 4 CENT? I ELLIG SCE G }OP Potato flour Cattle Fodder Ethyl bronide Misaellaneous Troop9' fron $oh' -erin Troops frog: Burg near aedeburr Troops fron i.'uehl ose Troops fro, Hc11.~i e/Sa e?. ,"A'OuclI Chloride of potas9ium Aluminum C "a td potaesium Briquettes Found. timber Gasoline, Equipment Timber for sines Sugar B4 cycles Xron parts Gas oil RR t i s- 11 '3c, eune Salt Structural iron ,Chloride of sodium Coal tar (from hard c:oM=i ) Tar oil (fror1 li fnito ) Hard coal 1 oards Alcohol Syrup Machines Total Army equipuentt from Diamaptled eq*;;I.i_T spent 709* 99 146 52 143 196 60 46 37 5 38 133 33 37 40 186 43 46 50 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP82-00457R000800610007-3 Approved .For Release 1999/09/ : CIA-RDP82-00457800080061 =V= IM LL LI:7T III (Period 21 *Tune-,2 July and 9-13 July 1947) Kuest in- e Trains-Moving eotion Sugar Flour Cattle L3vestook & horse-drac,n carts Tanks, 12; troops & dependents Comsat Trucks; enlisted personnel Dismantled hangars Flour Iron parts] caterpillar tracks O;ar Medicines Total Insterbure Koenigsberg Inatez burg Koenif-sbfsrg Insterburg Koenigsberg In:; terburt Brest-Litovsk Ino terburg Koenigsberg Koenigsberg Bres t-Litovsk 757 52 688 36 51 1228 62 179 304 179 179 3779 During the period 3 April 1946 ..ta 13 July 1947, sugar deiveries to the east by way or F;uestrin.-Yietz (includinf- the deliv.3riea mentioned in List III) amounted to 1565 train loadsg as d:,s_ closed b ilr a y ra o d documentsa This document contains informF affecting the national defense EFie United States within the isw the Espionage Act 32 as amended. the rev-ela its 'contents in any manna n unauthorized person is I p ted by law. - Approved For Rel "ease 1999/09/24 CIA-RDP82-00457R000800610007-3 -NO, of Cars