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November 9, 2016
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February 19, 1999
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September 4, 1947
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am1ELLUFAX Opproved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP82-00457R000800 COUNTRY Chile Director of C Archivist of the ;\Iext'c,; Date: 20378 25X1A6a SUBJECT - _ . ~~~i~ ` ~{~ Reported Wi.thdar~s~~. of C~ammural,st Party upp3~ 4 from Newspaper DIS7'. X Septemb, . 1947 25X1A6a URN PAGES SUPPLEMENT 25X1X6 I.. It :e reported t"oat the Central Committee of the Chi. can Cow unist, " ;. , %y will soon w1thdr_aw financial s tpport frt m the newspaper &Ug, and U,* the editors, Juan d is Luigi and Alejandro ':Loren, will have to disccntin't. , publi- cation of the or also flndlzew apical.. De Luigi has requests-1 additlamel time to mks arrengementa. 2. In the meantime t appears that de Lui.E i and Flores are negotiat:axg Ith the Radical Party S;?,~?iato.r, Rndeci a Ortega, and the Radical Party tndtw :faliat, Luis Moto, to b : y- the paper for 250,0co pesos, with de Luigi and Fl. a con- tinuing as direc??',ors. Since the paper has no preeses of its own eau is printed by the Ca ist, paper, the purchasers would, in effect', bring only 'the name a x-0 good will of , This latter deal has not yet --.en cort- pleted, although it appears likely that It will go through. 3. Although AKLra has been riu3t about bo o l i even finaneial3y, with t_ .de aid of the Comrmmist Pn 4ty, and has obtained fair circulation, the reason Ivan by the Central Com< :?o.ttee for disc o atinui its support is in order that 't many concentrate morE=: tine, money, a.;ad effort on. It Is ai3o ire ~ fated that the Com 'tun.., t Party doss not believe that de Luigi can firil ot: backers and that, there:s,, the pre; ees can bo more advantageously utilizer - a the printing of Comp mist leaflets, books, and other prod. Doouen NO Q HANG ?:' CLA3 L81 :3. CILI.WD TO TS S C! DDA Memo, 4 Apr 77 Auth s 1 DA. R G. 7711763 - This document contains infori:-ption Unite tes within thelmeanin;-, a.of~... 32 as amended. " transmission: sr the revelation of ontenzts r7 any . manner to an unauthojtz _rsnv. Is prohibited by law, Date s Pe a7_ By: CLAM FLCATION REFERENCE CENTER LIBRARY Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP82-00457R000800850009-5