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November 9, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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October 9, 1947
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,,1V fK *itized Approved For Release : Cl4j$6=~d ~l'1Ys 1gffMbtP b-0 F TRAINS 354 71 25X1A2g CENTRAL I TELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT COUNTRY Chita DATE: INFO. As stated SUBJECT Nationalist and Communist Order of Battle, Military Operations: Shantung 01ST. 9 October 25X1A6a PAGES 2 ORIGIN 25X1X6 SUPPLEMENT 25X1 X6' 2 September 3 September 2. Approximately 10,000 troops believed to be a Portion of the Huatung Fie iz,r r are rsoort? d in the area southwest of IFIuimi,n 117 -29, 37-3O) . !4 '~ F V 1 n .~ 25X1A9a The Conimu 1st Coastal Defame Hq which was formerly at Jihchao (119-27, 35-26) is now located at Chucheng (119_27, 35-59). A Nationalist report of 31 August shows the Communist strength in the Chiaotung Military Zone at three strategic points. The first is in Talienying (119-31, 36-50) area where fortifications have been built and the 9 Field Div brought from Pingtu (119-56, 36-47) and deployed in the area. A second stronghold is the Nan- taun (120--11, 36-32) -Lanti (119.59, 36-35) areal protecting against a possible Nationalist. drive from Chiaohaien (1119-58, 36.35) north. A third stronghold is the Laiyang (12042, 36-57) area which is fortified and heavily garrisoned,;. -4- Sedg&pr Z :Cz~ 3. Nanking has issued an order to the military contend in %antung that Che, oo be taken by 1 October. As a result Nationalist forces are being marshalled and pre- liminary advances being made. The Nationalist 8, 250 and 54 Ajr ea w n participate in the Chefoo carlpaign The 8 Army alread~r is moving toward Pingtu. 1L Sentemb 25X1 X6 4. The main Cozounist strength in Shantung eras broken ding the battle of Linclia (118-34, 36-32). Thousands of Communists were killed. The Mi. River ws.u at floc stage and the Communists were unable to bring in reinforcements, 1-00 Document No. 6110 RANGE in Class. Z~7`? $s. CwAVGEU TO: TS t Q ADA ktoso, 4 Apr 77 Auth: 1PA RAG. 77/1763 Date: 2-" tl d ed For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457RO01000030010-0 Sanitized.- AppE q, F A-R DP -004 1 0030010-0 25X1 X6 A..,SeP.. ot amitirrg orders to advance toward Laiyang. The old 9 Army at Kaoad has boon re-' organized and redesignated the Nationalist 9 Div. the Tfongyin (15.7-59, 35^45) battle. Ito 57 Brig is no, at Chimo 12O..2 U.. Pilots report largo.portion of Leiyang destroyed. 6. Pingtu fefl to the Nationalists in the late afternoon of 7 dept r, The nationalist 74 Div has boon reorrtnized havii ; suffered hod lflsoes d' 5. On 1 Septa*ar the Cominzn :st 5 Garrison Brig attacked Chan L (U9-Z3, 3C-52) from both the north and south. Both attacks were beaten off and the unit advancing from the north tras forced to retreat, across the tided River, The force Mtaclung tram the south was driven b aek into the river and apliroximatel r 1,000 man .,vim killed or drowned while another 11,OCO were captured.. The Nationaliat 54 Arles captured Lanti. The Cac nuniot 26 and 27 Diva of the 9 Col, have moved into the mountain area north of i=ingtu. The Communist 26 Div of the 9 Cal withdrew towward !ehheien (119-.56, 37--U). shantur, mi. ,f taxy SOurceo c ct. Pirgtu Will fall with little opposition. [lstion list fightoar planes and bombers attacked Laiy on 3, 4, and 5 Septembers. 25X1A6a 0 392tember 7. The Nationalist 2 :.z gin x' Regt, a ncn7 dc: ig t tier:, has 2,000 troops in Tsir. .o. These troops cams from and ern destined for Chico where they are to begin building a highway to Laiyang when gnat city falls, 12 Seotamber 8. All fationa ist units: The 57 Brig of the 74 Div is five k1loracters .frcm Lit gshan (12Q.-29, 36?.j3). The 54 Arnw is r ovl;c northeast from L nti toward L&tyang. The Nationali ets chin Lalyang will be taken by 17 soptwbexs. At Chucheng 10,000 Co nmzrris?ts are sum uted by the Nation 3ista, 12 Sentaer 9. The "ationalists moved from Shaho (ll9-46, 37-03) toward !ehhuien. The attack on Laiyang wi"!l, depend upon the fall of !ehhsieri. 12 Se t' .0. A nem designtion, the Comma niet " ~ 7 Div is in the. mountain area nor, U- of i tu. This division is composed of the 19, 2_0, and 21 Re its and an artillery reCimont. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457RO01000030010-0