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November 9, 2016
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February 8, 1999
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October 16, 1947
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L.A.r.isow pproved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-R letter of Director of Cenir Archivist of the United Next Review Date: 2008 CENTRAL INTELLIGEN Jagaw?hiaiiwei--111.!ftir- tH4TRY Mexico/Spain/USSR UECT Results of Trip of Jose Mancisidor to E 25X1 A6a ocument hereby regraded to AL in accordance with the ber 1978 from the ligence to the s. DATE: INFO. DIST.4i:?,ci.Asber 1947 PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT 25X1 X6 25X1 A6a 25X1 A2 g 1. Joss Mancisidor, prominent member of the Federacion de Organismor de Arida a los Republicenos Espenolee (FOARE), returned to Mexico 9 Septedhea from a trip to Europe dn':;.'ing which he conferred with Cceamnist leaders in Paris and Moscow. both the Russian and the Spanish Republicar nba;aies shared a ntly paid for by the FOARE? but actually 25X1 XE e expenses. 25X1 X6 2. In Paris, Mancisidor paid a courtesy visit to Marcel Thorez and discussed Spanish problems with Dolores Ibarruri and Jacques Duclos. In Mammy he was received by the President of the Supreme Soviet, Nikolai Shvernik, He had interviews with the following Spaniards: Jose this Salado Euset:o Cimorra? Francisco Ciutat? Cesar M. Arconeda, Federico Pita, Joaquin Rodritpez and Juan Planellas. He paid courtesy visits to the following writers: A7,eanAer Deutech, Yakow flakarenko, Nikolai Antiseferov, Alejandro Kuster, and NikcaL:e Virta. 3. The following points were discussed in Paris: ways of bringing c +out a union of Spaniards in Latin America, especially Mexico, and using this us a center of activities for the Communist Party, or in ease of difficulties, tee FOARE; preparations for forming in Mexico the Negrinist group called Etre kne Combatiente; the continuation of the campaign against the ideas of Indalecio F.-Leto arid his project of a plebiscite; the use of the Confederacion de Trabajadqres de America Latiea (CTAL) and the Universidad Obrera to 4( lp in admi ,ing Cosrunist agents from l'regue, Warsaw, or Paris (mostly Spaniard') as polit: ,al exiles; the raking cY the next MARE convention a means of mating all ti :Spanish groups, with the exception of the Prietistae and the main Mesecan populae movements; the continuance of pressure from the FOARE and Spanish groups in Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Argentina upon the United Nations to a erthrov Franco. 4. /n Moscow, Hancisidor received the following assignments: to coneinue in- forming on the pro-Franco Spanish groups and denouncing their act .ons.and to increase this work; to continue the fight to win Spaniards over te Commurist ideas; to continue the propaganda and espionage work for the Embassy in Mexico, for ubichMancisidor is the contact with the FOARE; to soeicit from the leftist groups in Mexico enough money to pay the expenses of the :"Oklik: and the Spanish Comnunist Party (this Implies that the Rues Ian Mnbassy wi.,1 stop economic aid to these groups in order to lessen the danger of discovery by the Rightist groups); to Influence the FOARE to obtain money to help the Spani,xds in France and, particularly, to bring them to MAMICO; and to obtain supporters among all groups, even among the Catholics, for the Spanish Republic. 5. Mancisidor was scheduled to have conferences with lerdo Toledw-o, Narciso SIFICATION 483fieltig". Document No. NO CHANGE Ilk.DECLAS lass. Aut Date: 0 4A? 77 7 1763 Ls psr:R__999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R001000250003-4 S c REFERENCE LOUR UBR41 Approved For Release1999/09/08 fielfir4kettgek250Y9tik29 CEI;TRAL ILZILIGENCE GROUP -2- Bassols? Victor 14anuel Villasenor, and 7nrique Ranirez y Ramirez to inform them about his work in Europe. Nis assignment in respect to LombcrdoToledeno and Bassols nay possibly be to work with them to establish the Partido Popular, because, according to Mancisidor, this is of primary importance 6. Following are some of the statements made by Mancisidor concerning the European situations a. The Communist Party is extremely strong in France, and pro-Russian sentiment is growing in. spite of British and American propaganda. At the sane time, the power of Great Britain is waning, both in the material and moral fields. b. In Italy, the Church has united with American democracy to fight against Communism and defend Franco. c. Greece and Turkey do not constitute problems for Russia; th(-: United States is using them only .113 cbjecttves for anti-Communist agitatic,n. d. In Russia, the people are sure theywillwin the next war, even against the United States, because the distances and the rapid movement of the Rod Army give them the advantage. The Russian Government leaders do not believe that the United States will go to war sooner than five years from now, and Russia will be well prepared at that time. -CON II DEIITIAL or.a.STARET"' ument affectin United States the Espionage as amended. contains information ational defense of the the meaning of Act. ? C. 31 End 32, Its transmiss the revelation of its contents in an-, is prohibited by law. Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R001000250003-4