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November 9, 2016
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December 21, 1998
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October 24, 1947
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25X1A2g E TEL I NTELLIG C~ GROUP 9N EA T In[a~n~ C6UN'TRY Bolivia SUBJECT 4otivitieaa of the I1ov1mtento Nacionalist t Revolucionaaria (kit) ORIGIN 25X1X6 t 'FATE. 25X1A6a INFO. - 1_2_130+ DIST. ' Octoter 1947 AGES 2 c-A)PPLEMENT SO ~'L17 SOURCE I. Reports have been received indicati g that the Movir .into Naacionaal.ia . t is Resvo- 1.ucionac ..o (MR) -plans to continue wag*4ng the war a:' nervos* that has been steadily progr'e sing ever since Pr?esidev Hertzog de-.laared Bolivia to be in a 3tate of siege. 2. The k4NR has stated that It wil.1 carry on this a a:~.,~apci; fa through actF 3ropagas is a, through a series of ecte of vandalism,, and possibly ' aaroujh the planting of bombs in various places. Pmmphlets were recently di ,trib=uted to k1NR members pointing out the active campaign of the Cavite Anti- .e;aunista against the Partido Izquierda Revoluoionario (FIR). 3. The MNR h forjed an Emergency Cewittee to take ov.)r the duties of the MR leaders should en thing happea to them. Mea while,, : he task of this c awdtta e is to line up the interior of the country against th 3 Govor 1 t : unirs- t,,'= guise of an anti--Cenmu st co ittee. 4.. Par her reports have bon received indic?.ting that C pta in Santo, Saianredra mid Major Gum= have pledged their support to the M . a case of need., They will. work through ei Le uu enant Saa Ramon., who In said to to a of the host active ,wad dangerous N?dR ,' rs A Captain Lopez Sanchez and Captain Aleazait are ` to ooop irate. provided that the soldiers of -;,w Ar sensi. rocdti1' a bribes Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R001000340002-5 in the Soma of aaonetaaa^; benefits. The 321M has in :its possession at least 3{' 11gIrt maa eh: .ale gww and an unwoportod quantity of rifles., Also, It Is reporter that t AV y i sve et least 10,000 rounds >f a nition aid desire a further 10, rounds moi ., which may be a6-1-aained -?to contact is is the .Ar=senal do Guerra. Sc ao of the = s a r s are sto:..:a in the Fabrics Rimpol.9 , owned by Jorge Rios, In the scetlo i of La Paz knot*n as Sornacachi. The whereabouts of the rest of the naafi' '-Lion and aims 19 not known at this -tune,. a Of possible intwoat is the tip of General David To:. R., one of t?'s roost active supporters of the k in its present revolutionary p:'.ate Vainst Prasjeeent Hortzog and bin Govern nt, G aeraal Toro is present. L r in Buonos Aires for reason of personal interest in connection with the o -gaanization of on industrial cmppainy,1 accoHing to what he told newspaper intern :.nera. It may hey, ha~,iever, that Toro's dep it l ure was t iod to a scajx+ bein. det, aed with other '4111' leaders upon declaration of the state of siege by the Hertz. , Goverr ient