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November 9, 2016
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December 21, 1998
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October 22, 1947
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25X1A2g Approved For Release 1999/09/08 CIA-RDP82-00 R001000340004-3 Till UATED - NFORMAT FOR THE RESEA TRAINEt3 INTELLIGENCE ANALYSTS.- CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP COUNTRY Gorr (Russaan Zone) SUBJECT ORIGIN 25X1X6 Now Polities Movement and Gove ent in the Eastern Zone 25X1A6a 2. Another mu-ice repor s that 141177 Di r, Minister of EconorWt, A n h s l t l a n d W i 34 H a t t e n n ' u e h . , M 1 n i o t e r of E o o n o n v , T h u r 1a g f a , p . weed Fritz Selman for Minister of Econo r, "Eastern Oman Peopled RapabUe, 25X1A2 DAT: 25X1 A6a UST' 22 October 3-947 PAGES SUPPLEMENT Source reports that the WP win coon to with the Russians to form an Eastern Zonal Central Government. head of the IDP, is willing to be mdnister-preeldent; the 24- In supports Hermann Bastcer for the office. Ldeutrs3nt wants the 12mistry of Interior,, Friedenebwg, the t - iatry of Fore Affairs. Xai.oor has not been Included In the p1 n for a contrel govorn tt. It to reported that he is about to re:-tgn and Zeave Berlin for the western some. {fie may be succeeded toy Dertiner. Another aouzce, Qtat-OR ths>t., as a result or tne reps of the , p-1na for the fouWing o a now perry axe a2raoat co tad. :-sambal von P .ue is to be the 2eadar of this now national mvoment. Membern of *Proton Deutaohkand" will actively t1ifi r of gam' 25X1 X6 25X1A6a 'jsei ts. C t i'4 is loci; s r thla is the agme 25X1A9a mzcn w31 L bs foz u after the London Contorenae. Steiner ulil be the sr;o*..n~ a ee one o>e drlbed In Report I 25X1 A2g Dotrua-erit No, SO ChAhrt'E 11Ai D$ 1 ss Aut,h ; Date : U11O4 A 7 1763 CLASSIFICATION T cement is hereby regraded to CONFI L in accodntnce with the letter of 16 or 1078 from the Director of Centra '':gence to the Archivist of the United V irar aPDP DAD$9 FBQ{-___ TMINNOW"M 1 B DGP. ... ._(_. k )G EXEC. FBL P8X SPD KW GO 1 TROL CT -i-1 X.