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November 9, 2016
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February 22, 1999
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October 29, 1947
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4A w . Sanitized - Approved For Release :- CIA-RDP82-00457RO010004400 25X1 COUNTRY Me deo/Spain SUBJECT Fourth Congress of FOARE 01^!GAN 25X1A6a DATE` 25X1A6a INFO. Goer. DIST.31 October 191x7 PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT The IV Congress of the Federacion deg Organises de Ayude a U Republica Espanola M FOAIO , which is scheduled for 26 througdi 29 November, will be held in ?Mexico City in the Telaphone Workers Syndicate building. 2.. According to source, the most important ob5eetives of the convention are: CENTRAL I TE P INTELLIGENCE REPORT a? To exert sufficient pressure on the United Nations to mate that organization break with Franco in all respects; b. To give publicity to the persecution and axis es being c^?'t itted in Spain at present; c, To write` all non-Prieto Spaniards in prevailing upon Repablican Prim er Albornoz to appoint a Cc waist to his cabinet, possibly Dolo s Ibarruri or Vicente Uri' . Actually, according to eouresp the principal intention here is to weaken A1bornoo a s power until he is f inal.l v ousted, and Negrin cart step into praerer; _ d. To reject categorically the intentions of Prieto to form a junta in place of the Repu?blicr'n Government, which would leave Franco tie only governing power in Spain;' To render 9.Ul possible help to the Guerrilleros in Spar, and the Spaniards now residing in France. Also to have. the UN exert pressure ? rhich would encourage all Sparataris to reunite rindsr the FOARL In connections with the latter point, source reports that the prIncipal aim is to help Negrin train control of anti- Franco activities. 3. Preliminary meeting; in preparation for the convention were :weld .by r+"Oiil'E on 18 and 23 September, and tr- the Spanish Ccaiunist Party on 1 and 2 October. At the first F JUtE meetiJng;, osteneaib ,y held to honor Jew::>e Mancisido r after his recent trip to Europe, the following were among those p--esents Tv: _ Kumarian, Charge d$Affa .,Taw a.i. of the Soviet Embassy;' Vases Welkor, Second a:,crettary of the Polish Legation; Hinko Razpor, Charge d'Affaires of the Yugosl aviary Embassy; Juan B. Gc nem, of the Francisco Javier Mina Society; Ricardo Casten] )te and Dr. Enrique Arreguin of the FOA::RE; Hreazo Pitha, Secretary of the Czechoslovakian Legation; Felipe M. Arconada of the Spanish Communist Party; Jose baniol Crespo, Ambassador from Panama; and Jose Msrroquin.of the CTM After an address by Mancisidor, a telegram was sent to the 'UN requesting the overthrow of Franco, and one to Premier Aflornoz supporting his government, bit at the same time asking him to admit CP_A35IFiGRiION ?~ p ase : CIA-RDP82-00457R001000440007-9 ? Sanitized - Approved For Relea CEi:T1 JL TT4' 3.L LIGLT:CL Gi?OIJF; to an unauthorized person by lawn Communists and Negrinistas in the Cabinet in order to attain stronger national unity. 4. The second FMRE meeting was called a "press conference," but wat also for the purpose of making preparations for the IV Congress. Present at this meeting were Dr. Enrique Arreguin, Rosendo Gomez Lorenzo, and Rodolfo Dorantes of. the Workers' University; Beatriz Badad of the Polish Press Office; Juan B. Gomez of the Francisco Javior Mina Society; Hinko Razpor of the Yugoslavian Embassy; Alberto Bremauntz of the Attorneys' Socialist Front; German List Arzubide of the SITAI; Felipe M. Arconada of the Spanish Comriunist Party; Santos Ruiz, aid to Minister of Government Hector Peru 'iartinez; and Joaquin Arderius Sanchez Fortuny of tFe Spanish Embassy. 5. Invitations to attend the congress have been sent to all the syndicates of the Confederacion de Trabajadores de Mexico, the Confedoracion Unica de Trabajadoree de Mexico,, and the CTAL. Also invited are delegates from the syndicates of the Federecion Siridieatos Trabajadores del Estado, the Co .unist Party of 2:exico, the Accion Socialists Unificada, the Sindicato Nacional do Nineros, and the knbaeeios of Russia, Spain, Yugoslavia, Poland, Panama, Guc.terala. France. Chile. Colombia, Cuba, and Venezuela, affe revelation of its con as amended. Its the national defense of the within the meaning of the Espionage DP82-00457R001000444 4 122426 document contains information United 50, v. vC o 31 and 32 anion or the in any manner hiblted Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457RO01000440007-9