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November 9, 2016
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February 23, 1999
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October 30, 1947
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Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R001000460004-0 25X1A2g 'i' RAL t T "..LLI E INTELLIGENCE REPORT COUNTRY Czechoslo . kis /Poland SUBJECT ORIGIN DATE: 25X1A6a INFO. - M 12281? l iET'3:0 October 1947 PAGES 25X1 A6a SUPPLE ENT 25X1X6 Intevy,o,gation of Bandera Lm der Bur -lak, a I dera 1ear]ar recently ca, tux:?4c1 by the Czechoslovak Axr in Slovakia, told Army interro",.tce?'G that his bind, wI iah consisted nostly or Ukrainian parti- nans, vas forrmd in :;;o :there Po1i ncl, noar Prze ysl (a50/b'55). in a series of elashes in that a. wi,. the band i ?s severely dera1eted, whereupon F3urlak went to I)-rl ndo, his i ed: r;ta ti1)e" i.or,, for furihor 1nstretetion . He was ordered to pro-teed to the Krrl yce 'area of ',,!, where he would join a..noth(ar band led by Chrut.3e nko. The i'.r.tter and fir. 3_ak decided to cross Czechr,slovakia and try to ach Linz, Austr1a, in an ef'ort to co),~tart the head rt-i arts Ts o:' a Ukrainian i~rgani.zation t, Seri . T'aps were i-Tovided :for them only as far of the Czechoslovakc border. urlak rzp, oal tared in the Malrz. Trots motnta9.ns (Q49/1 )9), in Slovakia. ?. Bvtrlek~ s inter?ro atcsrs were unah.e to prove that t}la 3anderovc . received any help whatsoever .z aiide Cv:echos;covakia,. F ~.arth x nere, when Bttrlak at asked to i t eettt he ?;rtd, t _ d t'^+.-4 litic&l ne tEiork of the C.U.N. (Or anizacya Ukraln- skyGh National sti v :1 zat i.on of Uki'a iui an Nat:tonalists), lie replied that 'ia only contract w m throne; lh r1. g'.: anoor " sent from Linz on spec.-'.al nieS ,ono , He disclaimed trnv 'ur',%ur ? c,tz~. Esc . cof ?8ne political network; whir ch he believed to be ontjroi'r sc aritte from the nilltar' ov nizat:iovts I6-document is hard... letter of wean the I ' ber 1978 fr om the ?rector of Centre Archivist of the United I~gence to the Next Rev'e~v Date: 2008 RFFEEIFC Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R001000460004-0 document contains -Lnfcrrnation the Uni ates ;vithin th oYmeanin . g of the L.spion et 50 UU s.C 31 ,, . . , and 32 as: arnende . s t ratisrnission or the revelation of ntents in any manner to an unauthoriz rson Is prohibited by laty.